Friday, March 30, 2007

Healthy Lifestyle - Day 1

In May, Mr. Happy and I are going to Mexico with my SIL, BIL and their kids. (Let's take a moment to do a little dance to celebrate vacation!)

I stopped biking part way through November last year when I caught a dreadful cold that left me with a nasty cough and an eye infection - *oh, I feel pretty, oh so pretty* As a result, I have spent the last, oh, let's see, *counting on fingers November, December...* four and a half months sitting on my arse, reading, knitting and watching TV. While this is the dream lifestyle for many a knitter, it's not really a smart choice for me. The belly button bagel (TM) is getting big again. Since I can't possibly sit on the beach in a turtleneck and long pants, I have just over a month to smarten the heck up and get my hiney moving.

Here's the plan:
1. Eat less junk - The Cadbury's Easter Cream Eggs have got to GO!
2. Eat more healthy food.
3. Bike to work.
4. Bike home from work, drop off stuff - and then go for another bike ride.

Here's how it's going so far:
I biked to work today - the first ride of 2007. And it didn't feel too bad - I haven't lost every ounce of muscle in the last few months (phew).

It's still cold outside, so I wore my new biking shorts (Louis Garneau - my, uh, butt thanks you), cozy, warm cycling tights, fleece shirt, biking jacket, fleece face warmer thingy and mittens. Where was my knitted hat with ear flaps? In my backpack. And let me tell you - I regretted not having put it on by the time I reached the office. My ears were very cold. But the ride itself was wonderful! The sun was shining brightly, the air was crisp and clean. The side streets have little to no traffic, so there was no road rage. Yay.

I arrived at work, ready to take on the world. And then this happened.


Oops. That's a Triple Chocolate monstrosity and "double double" from the ubiquitous Uncle Timmies.
Sigh. Rome wasn't built in a day.

In Knit News - I just finished a Mr. Moe tuque for Mr. Happy. I hope to get a photo of him before the weekend is over. He had it on last night and probably wore it today. Awwwww.


  1. Cadbury Cream Eggs are the shit. I can't get enough of them when Easter rolls around. Mmmmmm . . . gooey egginess.

    I'm very proud of you for biking to work. Perhaps I should follow your example and strap on the ol' flying machine to get around.

  2. My poor bike is still gathering dust in storage.

  3. Anonymous1:11 p.m.

    I am ashamed to admit this - but I hate cadbury creme eggs. I don't really like donuts that much either (except for old school "real" donuts - the dense kind. They rock).

    I love potato chips.

    I'm on a similar kick. My plan of attack:
    1. walk the dog 30-60 minutes each morning. Depending on the day and how much of jackass she's being.
    2. Mondays - Belly Dance
    3. Tuesdays - Jazz Dance and Knitting
    4. Do yoga 1-2 times per week.
    5. Do 30 min on the elliptical at least twice a week.

    Eat normally (which is reasonably healthy except for all the wine/beer). I am only human.

  4. Steph,cream eggs are only here until easter...which is next weekend. I'm just saying...
    Good for you though for getting back on your bike and getting in gear. Phil just started using his bike again and he feels so much better for it.
    Me...I'm in great shape (round is a shape).

  5. I couldn't view the picture, but I have a feeling I know what it looks like. Anyway, more power to you in fending off gobs of delicious, sinful, and did I mention delicious chocolate (and coffee, but that sort of goes unsaid).

    In a similar biking vein (artery? Har.), I just signed on to do the 150 km MS Bike tour this summer (July 28th) -- oh, my, is that a big training hill in front of me?

    Oh, and I really prefer the "toque" spelling. Tuque just sounds too phonetic for the Frenglish language.

  6. I'm with Lesley- don't give up the eggs. They won't be here much longer. You can bike off the extra calories.