Monday, April 02, 2007

Thank you, Stan Carew

Most weekends, I am pried from my slumber by the friendly voice of Stan Carew on Weekend Mornings.

Yesterday morning, Stan played a favourite song of mine, and now it's stuck in my head:

Poisoning Pigeons in the Park

The lyrics alone are worth the click - if only for the fact that Tom Lehrer rhymes quickenin' with Strychnine. But some kind soul has gone and added a nice flash animation video to help you visualize dead pigeons.

Bonus for the Geek - there is mention of offing a few squirrels as well.

La dee dahhhhh... why don't you come with me and we'll poison pigeons in the park....?


  1. I heard this on Weekend Mornings as well and last night Dad showed me the Flash animation. Of course, Mr. Nature Nut gets quite a kick out of the tune and the animation.

  2. I love that song... I can't believe I missed it. Did hear the other crazy songs he played though... I've had 'Fish Heads' stuck in my head ever since.

  3. Oh my...that's the first time I've ever heard that and my apartment rang with slightly guilty laughter.
    I suppose it could count as conservation actually, since it could be said that there is an over-abundance of pigeon. Really it's not much different than the feed towers that have birth control mixed in food for the pigeons of Quebec. Just...darker.

  4. Can it be?! Bad Flash animation, slightly offensive lyrics AND dead squirrels?! *swoon*

  5. Poor little critters. I can't watch!

  6. Waaaah! I love Tom Lehrer. They would never play that on American radio, though... sigh.

  7. Oh, yuh-huh they played it on American Radio. It was on Dr Demento!

    Another thing I loved from Tom Lehrer was his adverb song on Electric Company. Here, I found it on You Tube for you.