Friday, March 23, 2007

How Do You Make a Speedo For A Knitted Monster?

Travel, travel, travel... that's what it's about Chez Happy Family lately.

Family members have been to or are in:
Toronto, ON - that was me
Halifax, NS - That was Henry - he's small - a trip across the harbour is a big deal to him
Woodstock, NB - Mr. Happy and I visited my mom's family
Montreal, QC - Pippin's family (Mr. Happy's sister, her husband and three kids)
New York, NY - Mr. Happy.
Dominican Republic - My dad and SM.

Pippin's parents were in Montreal for a conference, so he stayed with us for a week. On Sunday, I gave him a bath, (We don't call it the Watt Doggy Spa and Retreat for nothing), then sent him downstairs while I cleaned up the water in the bathroom.

A few moments later I heard Pippin running around downstairs and I heard Henry hollering. I ran down the stairs, heart in my throat, fully expecting that Pippin had ripped Henry from limb to limb. Instead, I found this:

henry attacked 1

Pippin and Henry wrestling on the couch. (If you look at this photo really, really carefully, you can see a little flash of green to the right of Pippin's head.)

Henry swears that he was attacked and was screaming "AIEEEEE!!!" But I'm pretty sure I heard him screaming "WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" so I let them continue their wrestling.

Pippin lost interest after a while and they both had a bit of a lie down on the couch.

henry attacked 2

Henry, being the wanker that he is, was carrying on, whingeing about how "The room won't stop spinning" and "I have a tooth mark in my butt."

I told him if he didn't want to play with Pippin, then he shouldn't have been sitting on the drum (erm, that would be our coffee table - a bass drum) all weeking, wearing a piece of bacon around his neck like a scarf.

Pippin stayed here for 7 nights, his accomodations were paid in full with snorgles, slurpie kisses and love. Awwww. He's a very good snuggler. Which for the last two nights of his stay was a very good thing, as Mr. Happy went to New York on Sunday.

Mr. Happy
Yup. Mr. Happy is south of the border until the 27th - doing sound for a documentary. He spent two nights in Philadelphia and now he's in NYC.

I've talked to him briefly a couple times since he left. He said that Philly was "interesting". Their hotel was kind of questionable: the reception desk was behind bullet proof glass, and there were some, uh, femmes de la nuit at the breakfast "buffet" (yellow cinnamon bread and greasy muffins wrapped in plastic). The camera man, who has travelled all over the world, was so freaked out by the hotel that he piled the camera equipment against the door to keep people out (let's not even think what kind of a fire regulation no-no that was!).

Mr. Happy said that he barely slept a wink - mainly due to the very voilent noises coming from the neighbouring room. Keep in mind: This from a guy who slept in a van to protect his band's equipment while they stayed in Bristol, England.

Dad and Ivy
Dad and Ivy just came back from the Dominican Republic. They were there for a very special occasion - one of my dearest friends in the world married one of family's dearest friends in the world. Congratulations Jill and Fred! Mr. Happy and I wish you many, many happy years together!

Henry and his family are going to Disney World with Cate and her family. I haven't told him yet. It's going to be a surprise. I hope he doesn't get lost. Disney is a big place. I know Cate will take great care of him, but Henry tends to wander off.

Before he goes, I've got to knit him a bathing suit, pack some sunblock and his beach towel. I wonder if he wants any beach reading?

And, just to show that I was near yarn:

Pippin and Harley

Pippin met JAK's dog, Harley. They had a great time playing together. They were both panting up a storm in this photo. It was the only time they stopped playing the whole time we were there!


  1. Anonymous7:34 a.m.

    I love Pippin postings. He looks like a clean little sheep after his bath!

    Gosh I hope Henry behaves himself over the border - do you have his passport ready?

    I think cascade fixation would be perfect for his speedo (a thong perhaps? Wait, does he even HAVE actual butt cheeks?)

  2. Doggies!

    Poor Henry - so abused, yet so much with the bringing it on himself. Will a monster ever learn?

  3. I think Henry could sport one of those Borat speedos with style.

  4. Aw Pippin so cute! He looks like my Mom’s Wirehaired Terrier
    Mercury before his summer trim. Your letting Henry go to the US… I hope he has his passport and papers to prove he is Canadian otherwise he may get send his back to the country of his yarn origin.