Monday, April 23, 2007

Bionic Girl and her Sidekick, Biology Boy!

Last weekend Becca and Troy came to visit and to celebrate the wonders of Stainless Steel and Surgery!

We took them out to the classiest joint in town for breakfast. Here they are at the Ardmore Tea Room.

Becca and Troy

The Ardmore is a great place to eat. Not only do they have the craziest hours but it's my personal favourite b/c I can get Eggs Benedict and a Chocolate milkshake for breakfast.

Here's Mr. Happy, aka "Old Blue Eyes", after three cups of Ardmore coffee:

Mr. Happy

Here's Troy:


Neither of them really look alert do they? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that their adorable wives had dragged them out of the house before 9am on a Saturday morning. Hey, if you want to go to the Ardmore AND the Farmer's Market, getting up early is the only way! Get up and get out early.

We had a very busy day with Becca and Troy, ending our evening with dinner at Jamieson's - it's our favourite place to eat in Dartmouth. I'm not telling all you Haligonians where it is, b/c then we'd never get in. (They don't take reservations.)

Becca and Troy were only down for the night, but honestly, if this is how they spend every Saturday, I think they would wear me out if we lived in the same city! Heh heh.

Bionic Girl went back to work last Monday, 10 weeks post hip-resurfacing surgery. She's a new woman...

Becca and Troy

or maybe not!


  1. The Ardmore does win the award as the classiest place in town especially when they fired up the BBQs and the feed the neighbourhood after Hurricane Juan…for free! As for Jamieson's, some of us Haligonians have their roots in Dartmouth. :-)

  2. I'm in Dartmouth, you can tell me where it is!!

  3. Ooooooooh, I love the Ploughman's Lunch at Jamieson's. Lucky girl to live in Dartmouth!