Saturday, April 28, 2007

Me, as a Kid

Stolen from Momo who stole it from someone else:

I kept diaries which are painfully embarrassing to read now.

I loved riding my bike with the neighbourhood kids. I had the coolest yellow and black CCM bike that I remember picking out at Canadian Tire with my dad and my brother. My dad later rebuilt an old speed bike of my brother's for me, but I stopped riding it after a crash one morning on the way to school.

I spent a lot of time climbing trees and playing in the woods behind our house. I always had Spruce "pitch" on my hands and pine needles in my hair. I imagined that the woods were full of magical creatures. Other times I imagined that I was Laura Ingalls Wilder while I was playing in the woods.

My favourite TV shows were: The Muppets, Little House on the Prairie, Lorne Green's New Wilderness, The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, I Love Lucy, Three's Company, Remington Steele, and Moonlighting (Cybil Shepherd had amazing hair).

My favourite things to eat: Lasagna, chili, cheesecake, "blueberry pie without the crust" (stewed blueberries made by my babysitter), and chocolate bars.

My two best friends and I worked out dance routines to ABBA, Sheena Easton and Dolly Parton songs. Well, they worked out the routines and I went along.

I used to do an impression of a little old lady, involving sliding my glasses down my nose, weilding a cane, hunching over and saying "Listen here, Sonny..." in my best "little old lady" voice. I remember my parents having a good laugh at it.

I wasn't very athletic (team sports kinda suck when you're super short and wear glasses), but I loved going snowshoeing and cross country skiing and canoeing with my dad. You could say that our athleticism is pretty well matched.

I remember the 1980s as being particularly cruel to bespectacled, pale skinned, short girls... I had glasses that were too big for my face, awkward hair and all those bright clothes look particularly ridiculous on me.

I was a bookworm and hated to put a book down at bedtime - which meant that after getting busted for reading in bed with a flashlight, desperation took over and I started reading by the streetlight outside my room.


  1. See, you CAN read in the dark by a light from outside of your room, you just need to hold the book closer to your eyes!

  2. I recall the 80s being cruel for bespecacled, pale-skinned, tall girls, too. ;)
    I used to just sneak into the bathroom to read once everyone else was asleep.

  3. Lauryn is now enjoying that same (or one awfully close to it) streetlight to read after I tell her lights out!

  4. I used to do that too! And the bathroom thing a few times too. If my parent's ever came upstairs, I would tuck my book into my pj's and pretend that I had just woken up to go to the loo, then slink back to my room to wait for them to go back downstairs. Another popular one was opening my door a crack and reading by the hall light. Good times!