Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dartmouth - with Frosting on top.

This afternoon at Tangled Skeins, after working on my sock:

Posh Sock progress

I wandered to the front of the shop to admire the cute display that Sheryl had made in the front window. Doesn't it look cute with all the Springy colours? The yarn in the bowls looks like Easter eggs... Hey, what's that out the window? What the...?

Easter - with "frosting"

JAK was in the shop just when this "stuff" started falling from the sky. She denies that it is what it is.

I've decided that it's frosting. It's not snow. It's frosting!

Happy Frikkin' Easter

Happy Frosted Easter.


  1. That frosting was really wet and cold!! I was out in it far too long trying to get back from an excursion to HFX Shopping centre

  2. Driving to and from Il Divo in the frosting was interesing. I think it's pretty (but I have bitchin' winter tires and all wheel drive ;)

  3. Dang, got to get out and shovel that there frosting now...

  4. Anonymous9:17 a.m.

    We are currently frosted in at my parents' house in Truro...

  5. At some point, maybe I'll get over the snow in Canada. It's not like we didn't have snow in Cincinnati, and there was even one year when it flurried on Memorial Day (last weekend in May).

    For the time being, I am just tickled pink about the extended winter. I like to bundle up in sweaters and jeans. I like to snuggle down under a hundred heavy blankets at night. I love how quiet the world is when it snows.

    Things I seriously dislike: lawnmower season, neighbors who sand and refinish their decks starting at 8am everyday, mosquitoes, loud bugs, sharing a bed with a human furnace who can't fall asleep with a fan on, humidity.

    Let it snow.

  6. I think it's festive! I'm going to hunker down with the wind and the willows on pbs tonight and an electric blanket and plan spring cleaning take two. It's a reprieve!

  7. The frosting on the Halifax side was 60cm deep in places on my driveway this a.m.
    Made it easy to see the Easter Bunny tracks in my backyard. I hope you have not OD on Cadbury Creame eggs. Hoppy Easter!

  8. Enough already, right? We are supposed to get more snow on Thursday. gah.