Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lunch Break post at Break Neck Speed

This has to be quick because I've got to go eat my lunch...

I've been holding out on those of you who don't frequent my flickr account: On Sunday, Henry, my knitted muse, served as a life model for some FIMO sculpting.

Henry - life model

He's naked. Please don't laugh. It was hard enough to convince him to sit still for that long.

While the results of the life modelling session are undeniably cute, I may have failed in one aspect of the execution - I didn't use head-pins in the tiny Henrys and I'm not certain how the method I did use will hold up. (There is a twisted wire inside of the tiny Henry.)

Henry the 8th.

I have been intending to make some new stitch markers for Tangled Skeins... but also to potentially sell *gasp* online.

Little Henrys

Whaddaya think? Are they not the cutest little guys ever?

Oh, and there are tiny sheep too (for reference: I'm holding them between the tip of my index finger and my thumb):


Tiny Baaaaa.


  1. Too cute! I love your stitch markers. I bought some of your beaded ones about two or three years ago. They're responsible for bringing me to your blog. I googled "A Little Bit of Happy" and ended up here. I was actually looking to see if you sold your stuff online or updated about it online.

  2. I'd buy the Henry stitch markers in a flash so make lots!!!!

  3. You're going to save me a flipping off one, right?

  4. Jodi - I've already got your name on one!

  5. ZOMG! I very much need an angry Henry!

    Also, I think I shall chump your style and make some of my own stitch markers. I am thinking wee little perky goths!

  6. I will pay money for your tiny Henrys (and sheep). I love the cuteness.

    But not until after payday :)

  7. I love them! So cute! I'd definitely buy some - I may even start using stitch markers. Instead of paperclips.

  8. Sounds like you're going to have to make more Henry stitch markers.... make sure you save one for me!

    Oh, and Henry has found his way to my home, safe and sound. He and My Sweet Girl have really hit it off. They've been whispering secrets to each other all afternoon... I'm a bit nervous to find out what they're planning.

  9. I still think you should only sell Henrys to the people who know the secret password. You know, like going to Tim Horton's and asking for the 6-pack of Timbits.

  10. They're awsome! Looks like they're themed - I would like the gangsta Henry - and a black sheep ~ if you have any...

  11. I love the little Henrys!!!!! (I'm a big fan of the big Henry too...)

  12. I want a Henry marker of my own!! And a sheep. The sheep are too cute.
    You're gonna have more orders than you can fill.

  13. Henry makes a fabulous stitch marker! I can imagine a huge Henry franchise....

  14. OMG. I need some of these! LOVE THEM.

    Do you have a computer yet? Would love to see what you think of Ravelry... Do you need me to send you a new invite? (moe is on there, you know you want to...hehe)