Sunday, April 22, 2007

Maggie Muffin Strikes Again - 6 Layer Toffee Torte

On Easter weekend my 12-year-old niece was baptized*. My FIL, being a Baptist minister, did the honours. After church we went to my SIL's house for supper. My job? Cake, of course. Special occasions require special cakes!

I made Six Layer Toffee Torte. This is one of my mom's recipes. I don't remember where she got the recipe, but that doesn't matter - the cake is wonderful!

The cake itself is a dense mocha cake. It is baked in three layers, then cut into six. I use the thread method of cutting layers. It was a little harder with this cake, but it still worked.

In between each layer, the cake is topped with coffee flavoured whipped cream and...

10, 10 Skor Bars

Oh yes, Skor bar bits. This probably comes "pre-crumbled", but we don't believe in convenience food here (Ok we do, but I sent Mr. Happy to the grocery store, and we were on a schedule - he didn't have time to wander the aisles.)

Here's the cake being "built":

Six Layer Toffee Torte

It was lop sided, but that doesn't affect the flavour.

Here's the finished product:

Six Layer Toffee Torte

The cake sat in the car during the service, and got a little bit "melty", but that just brought out the flavours. There wasn't enough room to put it in the refrigerator that day, but luckily we had had a snow storm that weekend, so we stuck the cake outside on the back deck in the snow.

Did I mention that this cake has 450 calories per serving? Oh, and I should mention that there are supposed to be 20 servings in the cake - so 9000 calories total. Yikes.

Totally worth the calories. And my niece loved it.

*For the non-Baptists out there, who are wondering - in the Baptist church, children are not baptised as infants. The church believes that each person should make his or her own decision whether or not to be baptised. There is no set age - in fact, the same day my niece was baptised, there were three other people baptised as well - another girl about the same age and then two men - one in his 30s and another in his 40s. Baptism in the Baptist church involves total submersion, so many churches have "baptismal" tanks somewhere near the front of the church - often behind the altar. In my hometown, our church didn't have a tank for a long time, so many people were baptised in the river, and the braver ones were baptised in the Bay of Fundy - which is pretty cold, even in the summer.

My Mom called me Maggie Muffin when I was a kid. Probably just her version of Maggie Muggins.


  1. One of the benefits all Canadian homes the come with, we always call it our “party” fridge/freezer, as during parties, we often keep the drinks in the snow fridge on the deck… Though it does not work out as well in the summer.

  2. That cake looks sooo good....mmm...

  3. Wow Stephanie. That looks fantastic. Any idea on where I can find the recipe?