Friday, April 20, 2007


I'll be at Tangled Skeins.

Anyone want to come visit? I know it's going to be a gorgeous day and you'll all want to be out in your gardens, pretending that there won't be a frost in May... but there will be, so why not knit instead?

Ok, fine. Play in your gardens. I'll just be at the shop with the new Artyarns Sock yarn!

What's that? A chorus of people shrieking "Artyarns!"? Heh heh. I know what cards to play.

So, I'll see you at the shop tomorrow. I have some serious chocolate cravings going on, so if you're coming in give me a call; I may beg you to pick up something for me. (A mocha from a reputable cafe would be nice - I'll pay you back!)

I have been slacking in the photo department lately. Here you go:

Mr Moe tuque on Mr. Happy

Mr. Happy sporting his newest favourite hat - The Mr. Moe Tuque. It's made with Lana Grossa Merino Big and some Patons Classic Merino.
The stripe is a little high, but when I realized I wouldn't have enough of the Merino Big to finish the hat, I didn't want to rip because I am lazy. Mr. Happy doesn't seem to be suffering any ill effects due to the stripe's positioning, so I'm going to assume that this won't come up in marriage counselling 20 years from now:
"And this one time... sniffle... she knit me a hat... and the stripe was too high!"


  1. I'd love to visit. I have no idea if it can be made to fit into our hectic schedule, but I'll see. Oh yeah, Henry, Rose, and Junior were in to visit Lesley and the baby yesterday.

  2. If you get a heavy breather calling and creepily asking for colour descriptions, complete with ecstatic reactions, it won't be me. Nope, not me.

    Sheryl was awaiting the Artyarns shipment the day I was there. Do post a report of what arrived, 'mkay?

  3. We may stop by. I need to pick up some needles for a sweater I want to knit for My Sweet Girl... I think Henry misses you too, so we may have to drop him off while we're there. We'll be sad to see him go though.

  4. The hat is cool and unique. The stripe is placed correctly. It's a landing strip for the wayward halo.

  5. I am working today and tommorrow too getting a boat ready to go ASAP, so you're not the only one missing the sun! But for time and a half, I will not complain.