Wednesday, May 09, 2007

drinking up the sunshine

hi everyone.

just another quick post - still here in Mexico, still having a great time.

we spent yesterday at an ecological theme park - Xcaret. It was amazing. The highlight for me was when we swam an underground river - it was well over a mile long - the entire family went - even my 8 year old nephew - we had life jackets, but the water was a bit chilly.

We've gone snorkling in the Caribbean and saw some huge fish - my niece said she could hear me hyperventilating in my snorkle whenever they swam near (Auntie Stephanie isn't so brave with the BIG fish).

Henry has found himself a nice sombrero and intends to join a Mariachi (sp?) Band. He's been singing Guantanamera all day. It's driving me maaaaaaad!!!!

love you all.


  1. Hi Steph: Checked my computer at 11:53 p.m. before heading to bed and saw you had been on MSN--mine stays on most of the time, even when I set it to away it goes back to online. Glad to hear all is still going well. We've had a beautiful warm day here. We were at the Lake getting things ready for the birthday celebration for your Dad and Aunt Jean on the weekend. Come on down! A mouse or (looks more like mice)left lots of little presents. Enjoy your holidays, see you soon. Love from Home

  2. GLAD YOU ARE HAVING FUN!!!! YES I AM SHOUTING!!!! it's so you can hear me

  3. Can't wait to see the pictures!!

  4. Such fun! Glad you are all enjoying yourselves.

  5. Sounds like you are having an amazing time, I look forward to seeing pics.

    BE SAFE!!!

  6. You may not know this however we are breaking records up here, today it was 28°C.
    Henry could have stayed home, lounged on the deck, and played fetch with Pippin for adventure.
    Stay safe.