Monday, June 25, 2007

Fabric Content!

Now that you've all recovered from the shock of real, "live" knit content, I'm going to scare the bejeesus out of you with Fabric.

Last weekend was the first ever Atlantic Quilt and Fibre Festival. While it was somewhat disappointing in terms of the number of vendors in attendance, I am living in hope that next year's event (planned for the autumn of 2008), will be better. We NEEEEEEEED a fibre festival around here (well, kind of like how we NEED another hole in our heads).

Before my camera batteries gasped their final breath, I managed to take some photos of the amazing quilts that were on display. I'm only posting two photos because I do not have the names of the artists in order to give credit where credit is due them.

Atlantic Quilt and Fibre Festival

Someone told me that this is a watercolour quilt - I know nothing of quilts other than ye olde traditional quilt patterns, so I'll just go along with that. Each little square making up the quilt was about an inch big. AN INCH! Forget knitting a super long scarf - this quilt takes some serious tenacity!

Atlantic Quilt and Fibre Festival

This photo is for Ang. It's a tea bag tea cozy. Perhaps you could have made this instead of a dress? Heh heh.

I couldn't justify going to a Quilt and Fibre festival without buying something, so I bought fabric! I KNOW! Me too, thoroughly shocked.

Fat quarters

I saw an online tutorial for a box bag. I'm going to try it with these. And then, I'm going to find something to go with this:

Fat Quarter

So I can make another. Isn't it pretty? This fabric reminds me of the woods behind my parents' house.

Mr. Happy and I have had a couple of fruitful visits to La Village de Value in the last little while. We scored a couple of really nice wool blankets (thanks for the tip, Paula) - one of which is identical to the wool blanket that was on my brother's bed when we were kids - the other of which is pictured here, along with a newly "thrifted" flat sheet (ok, wrinkly sheet):


I loved the colour of the green blanket and while it's not in perfect condition, it's still nice for throwing over your feet on a cold night. The sheet may not remain as a sheet for long. It may become lining or a chair cover, or... Oh, the possibilities.

It's dangerous, really, letting me out of the house.


  1. That quilt just blows what's left of my mind.

  2. Anonymous12:53 p.m.


    Boo - I was away that weekend and couldn't go. Probably a good thing, because you would have talked me into buying fabric.

  3. That quilt...the only word I can think of is "stunning"...but it does not come close. Wow.

  4. Very cool quilt - nice finds, btw! If you're in dire need of a matching fabric for the woodsy one, let me know. You can come over and shop the stash if need be.

  5. That quilt is beautiful. The box bag is very cool two- very pretty fabrics.