Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fibre Content!

It seems like forever since I've written a proper post about knitting. How are you all doing? Everyone fine? Would anyone like a cup of tea? Yes? I've got Ginger Peach, it's divine? You get comfy and I'll put on the kettle.

Are you all set? Good, I've got lots to show you. Lemme just grab those photos. Now where did they go?

Oh, here they are. Goodness, would you look at that? Dust! Just a second, (discretely wipes dust on pantleg)... Here we go!

Rhubarb Pineapple Jam

This is the Pineapple Rhubarb jam that I made the other week. It's just so darned pretty I had to take a photo of it. Can you see the bits of pineapple and rhubarb in there?

I've had peanut butter and rhubarb jam sandwiches these last couple of weeks. Judging by its colour, taste and sugar rush effect, I've decided to rank it #2 in the peanut butter and jam sandwich list of possibilities. This places it well ahead of #3, peanut butter and Kraft raspberry jam and but yet still behind #1, which is peanut butter and strawberry freezer jam made with lime juice instead of lemon. The freezer jam comes later in the summer.

I know, a photo does say a thousand words, doesn't it? Oh, I've said a thousand words... ok, moving on.

mudflapless girl tank

This is the state of my Mudflap Girl Tank. I've been calling it the Mudflapless Girl Tank, well, because it would seem I have abandoned the pretext of employing proper grammar and have, instead, joined the countless people who say such things as "The book fell off from the desk." End tangent here.

The Tank has looked like that for two weeks. I should probably seam the shoulders, do the edging and block it so that I can wear it before January!


Here we have poor Isabella. She's been in this state for a while. I'm using borrowed needles - one would think that this would quicken my pace. One would be wrong. (Please excuse the shoddy photography. I was in a hurry.)

Cabled socks

I have knit these socks faster than any other pair I have ever made (please disregard the fact that I've probably finished less then 10 pairs of socks). I started the second sock on Wednesday evening and am now past the heel and the first cable. The yarn is a Lana Grossa cotton-wool blend that was given to me by The Ninja's son, Mr. Munchkin. She should never, ever, let him into her stash to go shopping because the little guy has excellent taste. He also gave me a skein of her Sea Silk. I almost didn't accept it, but hey, I couldn't disappoint Mr. Munchkin, could I?

Ok, that's all for this post. Next up - Fabric content - I know it's shocking. Don't burn yourself on your tea, dears. Do you need a serviette?

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  1. I'd tell you to get cracking and finish them up, but I have WAY more UFO lying around here. I keep telling myself, someday I'll get them all done.