Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Big Fog Horn - A Morning Tale

Last night, when I opened my bedroom window a gentle breeze lifted the curtains like a child playing hide and seek. I went to bed at a decent hour (not easy for a night owl like me) and looked forward to waking up refreshed at 7am this morning. I fell asleep listening to the sound of the occasional car driving past the house.

This morning, I was pulled from dreamland by a persistent noise. With my bleary, nearsighted eyes, I first checked the time (5:45am) and then squinted at the window. The sky seemed bright but grey. Then the noise sounded again.


Whuzzat? Huh? I know that noise. Ugh. Fog horn, those persistent


little buggers. Surely, in this day and age there is another,


less noisy way, to warn boats of the shore. I stumbled out


of bed and shut the window. Then, I pulled a pillow


over my head and tried to go back to sleep.

When I emerged from my tortured slumber an hour later, the sky was sunny and bright.

There are many perks of living so close to the harbour and then there are those early morning wake-up calls.


  1. I feel your pain. It's funny, the fog horn on the bridge doesn't bug me anymore. It's the container ships. Those toss me out of bed without fail. Teach me for opening all the windows last night.

  2. I feel your pain. I, too, was awoken well before my alarm to the bleat of the foghorn. damn thing! I think the fog makes it louder too.

  3. Oh it started earlier than that. *sigh* I am now in a zombie fugue. Damn foghorn.

    Yes, the fog does make it louder. Bastard fog making it both a necessity for sailors yet also a giant pain in the arse.

    Why yes, I was woken up early by the G.D. foghorn. Why do you ask? :P

  4. I had the same exact problem. My wife was lucky enough to sleep through it but I was up at 6am and could not fall back asleep. Makes me miss the country life.

  5. Here's a cute story that my husband heard from one of his co-workers, who vacationed somewhere like Maine a couple of years ago:

    "So it was awesome, and I went to bed. But there was this fog horn that kept going off, all night long. HOOOOOOOO. HOOOOOOOOO. HOOOOOOOO.

    Next morning, I went down and poured some coffee, and when my friend got up he asked how I slept. I said, 'Eh, the bed and room are great, but what's with that fog horn?'
    'Fog horn. You know, HOOOOOO. HOOOOOO. All night. It kept me up, seriously.'
    'Oh, that....yeah, it's broken.'

    *mandatory dramatic pause always goes here*"