Monday, July 02, 2007

Pippin! Pippin! Pippin!

It's about time for some Pippin photos around here, isn't it?

On the dock:

Happy boy

Jump, Pippin, Jump!




He likes swimming even more than the kids:

Pippin - <br />Swimming

Shake, shake, shake!

shake, shake, shake

Snorgle the screen at your liesure. Thank you. That is all.


  1. the pic of the back of this dog jumping is, like, one of the best dog picture EVER!

  2. I see Pippin has had his summer haircut, very handsome. I believe his breed is a distant cousin to the PRT, Robin is sort of like a tinier version of him.
    Great photos!

  3. Cute Dog! He looks like a kid at the circus ... "Whee!!!"

    Thanks for the note on my blog re: how you started your KOL group. I know there is at least one or 2 other girls (well, at my age they are technically "women' ...but that is depressing so they are still officially 'girls" in my head) who would probably knit with me. i wonder if Tim hortons would let us knit there 9it is small -- I may call a local restaurant to see if they would like to host us weekly -- we would buy coffee, tea and nibbly treats!)

    Your LOL group sound fun ... I have been lurking, and hoping we can get something similar going here.

    Thanks again for the tips and encouragement!