Friday, August 03, 2007

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I went home to New Brunswick on the 26th and spent 5 nights with my Dad and Ivy. It was really nice to get home for a visit. I haven't spent more than a weekend at home in a few years, so this trip was really great.

I headed home on Thursday night (no air conditioning in our car, so it's much nicer to drive in the evening) and then Becca came to visit on Monday for a couple of nights.

So, here's a brief photo story of my time in St. George:

1. I went to a wedding.

My cousin, Brian, got married. My aunt Heather made the cake:

Wedding cake

When I grow up, I want to be just like my Aunties. This is the same recipe that another of my aunts made for another family wedding. The cake was chocolate, with chocolate raspberry ganache and the icing was white chocolate. My aunt made the sugared pansies. They were delicious too!

2. I went to Mardens in Calais, Maine, with Becca.
We spent three hours combing through the fabric and all the other aisles. I almost made some ill-advised purchases:

Shoulda bought it

3. I ate ice cream.

The Aftermath of Ben and Jerry

No trip to Calais is complete without a trip to the Irving for Ben and Jerry's. I'm not sure who I look more like: Ben, Jerry or the Cows on the container.

Don't let the smugness fool you

Don't let Becca's smug face fool you - she ate it too. See? There are two spoons.

4. We had a sleepover with my nieces... and we did pedicures!


5. I teased my father about wearing plastic shoes:

What is the world coming to?

He says they are for "around the boat" but I think this retirement thing has just pushed him over the edge.

6. We went boating:

They didn't like her at all

(It's just too bad that the girls didn't like Becca.)

7. I met Tozer, Becca and Troy's Norwegian Elk Hound puppy:


8. I remembered why I miss home so much:

Why I missed my hometown


  1. So wait - you didn't get that giant green fish? Why on earth not?

    I find it so weird that Ontarians sorta act like there's nothing east of Montreal (this includes a lot of Quebec). I think being within an afternoon's drive to either of the capitals makes the locals a little self-centered. Also, there needs to be hockey teams out where you be at.

    Regardless, all of eastern Canada (and Maine) will eventually be visited by me.

  2. Oh yeah, and Ben & Jerry's Phish Food is my all-time favorite, but Cherries Garcia will do if they don't have Phish Food.

    Whatever. I'll eat any damn Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

  3. Oh my, I think I want that big fish. Were you thinking of it as a wedding gift?

    That last shot is beautiful. Very serene.

  4. Ooooh, look at the PUPPY!! Who's a sweetie-little-cutie-pie, oooh, I could just eat you with a SPOON! Yes I could! Yes I could!!!

    Erm. Ahem.

    Hi Steph, looks like you're having a great summer so far. See you tuesday?

  5. What vacation is complete without a giant fish?

    I too have a pair of crocs for wearing "around the boat" and I am not yet retired. I am on your dad's side in this one.

    What a pretty cake! I need to have a wedding, or just a cake really.

  6. Hmmmm....I think we need to buy a whack of pansy plants. Yup.