Sunday, September 02, 2007

KOL's Swap-a-palooooooooza

Last Tuesday night at Knitting Out Loud we held our first ever yarn swap. It was the brainwave of The Ninja who seems to be on some sort of prenatal housecleaning binge.

The Ninja called me one day and said, "What do you think about having a yarn swap at KOL?" To which I replied, "Sure. Sounds good." I didn't realize she meant, "What do you think about having a yarn swap in 4 days?" The woman doesn't mess around. Before I could even take a peek at my stash, she had already made up gift bags which included homemade lavender satchets and stitch markers. I think she must have locked Mr. Munchkin in his room for the weekend. I'm still not sure how she managed to get all of this done. I am in awe of her.

So, the night of the swap was quite fun. Alison has pretty accurately depicted our behaviour here. Here are some photos that tell the rest of the story.

The Ninja brought four blankets and labelled them: Good Stuff, Partials, UFOs and Other (Other being Crap Yarn).

Here's the Good Stuff blanket:

KOL - Swap night

The Ninja and I took turns holding up balls of yarn, telling everyone what the item was and then asking who wanted the item. Here are the KOLers trying their best not to reach across the table and snatch yarn from each others hands. They worked very hard at appearing non-chalant all evening:

KOL - Swap night

Some of the Good Yarn was tossed in the "discard for now" corner as we went through the pile. After the organized "auction", the ladies set upon the "discard" pile like drunken cougars on a hot looking 30-something guy with a full head of hair. It was a sight to behold.

Here we see Deb after she drew a line on the ground with her toe, telling the ladies that if they stepped any closer to the yarn she wanted, she was going to kick their arses into next week:

KOL - Swap night

See how she seems to be smiling? She was baring her teeth. The girls are all standing a healthy distance away from her. Hee hee. (Deb was probably regaling them with a story of her latest sock conquest.)

Henry and the Geek shared a tearful goodbye. The Geek is moving to Toronto. We'll miss her horribly:

Lynne kisses Henry goodbye

This smooch was the most G-rated of the evening. Henry has taken to bed and has been watching Casablanca over and over and over again. It's sick-making.

At the end of the night there was quite a bit of yarn left over. Moe decided to take it all home. She broke down and confessed to us all that she harbours a secret desire to knit with acrylic/mohair blend.

KOL - Swap night

It's shameful, but now that she's out of the acrylic closet, there's no holding her back.

Again, kidding. This is the donation bag. Moe kindly offered to deliver it.

It was a great night. I came home with less than I had taken, which was my goal, and was thrilled to be able to bring some things home for my mitten-knitting grandmother.


  1. Cripes! Someone fetch me some blotting papers, I am as shiny as festive holiday yarn!

    That was an awesome night, even tho I was afeared that the acrylic was going to melt and stain the floor.

  2. Anonymous10:44 a.m.

    I look like I drank one too many frappes.

  3. It was a good night, I got some really good stuff, got rid of some things that have been troubling me...I'm pleased :)

    "drunken cougars on a hot looking 30-something guy with a full head of hair"
    We could not get there fast!