Monday, September 03, 2007

I'll See Your Propeller and Raise You Two Signs

Earlier in the Summer (doesn't Summer seem like it should be capitalized now that the breeze is cooler?) Mike and I talked about a photo challenge.

Mike wrote the following about it:

Some time ago, I engaged in a little unofficial pic-stalking with Steph. That post and the ensuing assertions that I'm some kind of internet lunatic (I didn't argue) led to a heated email exchange which culminated in a photo challenge, of sorts. Unfortunately, we couldn't decide between the following options:

1. One party takes a picture and the other finds the location and duplicates it.
2. A third party names a location and the two bloggers race to take the picture.
3. One party takes the picture and the other takes a similar picture from a different perspective.

The Summer passed and the challenge never got off the ground. Then, Mike took the initiative and took the photo seen in this post

While we don't live anywhere near each other, we have an overlapping territory: Mike works near where I live. Or at least, that's what he thinks (bwah ha ha ha - you'll never know!). When I saw his photo, I immediately recognized the location... but didn't get a chance to get near the propeller until yesterday. Mike suggested that I either take the same photo or get a different perspective on it. I went in for a closeup:


So, now that I've met this challenge, I have TWO for you, Mike. Why two? Well, because I'm not sure if this sign will stay up much longer:

Four Sale

After all, buddy has already sold his battery and truck. Is it really a "four" sale if you're selling more than four items?

Just in case that sign is gone, here's another:


Sadly, this P.I. firm is out of business. I guess that using the stars to guide your investigations didn't prove to be reliable.

So Mike, there you go. Have at 'er.


  1. Sagittarians get bored quickly if there's nothing to keep them interested. I'm one. My first thought after reading that the PI office is out of business is that business was slow and the owner decided to take up hot air ballooning or something.

  2. Anonymous8:26 a.m.

    The propeller looks like a crow's beak. How do I know? I see a lot of them feeding at my neighbour's rotting meat bird feeder attached to his side of the fence. He likes crows.

  3. I didn't get a chance to comment on this when it was fresh, so I'm commenting now:

    Excellent, if not creepy choice of sign locations!