Tuesday, September 04, 2007

One Block Radio

Ok... Let's move away from the drama on the corner. The more I think about it... well, as I told Becca the other night, "Don't let the china teacups fool you, I can hold my own with the rednecks"

You all know Mr. Happy, the crazy man I'm married to, right? Well, at his studio he's set up a radio transmitter - it's CRTC approved, so he's on the up and up - and he's calling it "One Block Radio". He played some of the promo spots for me tonight.

He plays some Heavy Blinkers tracks in the background while he's talking in this relaxed, late-night radio host voice:

"You're listening to One Block Radio. We're here for your listening pleasure, 'specially if you're on the corner of Main* and Portland, all the way up to Commercial Street and maybe as far down as Oak, if you're really lucky and you've got a big antennae... I guess the man with the biggest antennae wins... or woman... so stay tuned... 107 on the FM dial. One Block."

(I changed all the street names to protect his location.)

In another segment, he cold-called his band-mate, Jason, and proceeded to interview him about their band's upcoming album. Jason giggled through the first part of the call and then totally got into it and answered the questions seriously.

Tomorrow, Mr. Happy tells me he's planning on interviewing another local musicians.

Have I mentioned lately that I love my husband?

Watch out knitters. He has access to some of your phone numbers.


  1. Oh...how much fun is that!!!!!!!!

  2. Well, I'm guessing I'm not within your one-block radius, but maybe Lesley could be a listener.

  3. Would he consider podcasting some of his interviews?

  4. OMG, he's about a thousand kinds of adorable freaky.

    KOL podcast. Just sayin'.

  5. too cool!! i wish i could pick it up!

    hey! when is their show? you thought it might NOT be on the 13th? could it be true?

  6. Pump up the volume, man!

  7. heh heh now I understand the message - I still need to listen to it again but at least I will understand what is going on now.

  8. Anonymous8:33 a.m.


    I wonder if we could pick it up...we're more than one block though...

    (email me the show schedule?)