Thursday, September 06, 2007

Do - Over

Some of you may have noticed that I closed the comments on my post about the drama at the neighbour's house. I didn't do this because I was concerned about a comment-war nor did I do it because I didn't agree with what any of you were saying. I did this because the whole situation was making me sad and angry... and that, my friends, is NOT the point of my blog.

Take a moment and look up at the title. That's right, "A Little Bit Of Happy". Not "A Whole Lot of B!tch!n About Stuff Over Which I Have No Control". I realized what I had written was really un-happy. I consulted my personal blog handbook and decided that as president and supreme dictator here in Happytasia? /Happyland? /Happyville? /Happenstance? that I was invested with the power for a Do-Over and a Delete.

You'll notice now that the blog post entitled "Good Weekend" is missing. I didn't completely delete it, but have instead saved a copy of it as I do value the comments that each of you made.

Thank you all for your concern and for your opinions. We return you to your regularly scheduled Happiness.

1 comment:

  1. Are you thinking happy pink and blue thoughts? :P

    My advice? Don't be afraid to be the smaller person. Yeh! That's right, I said it. ;) Then change the blog name to "A Little Bit of Vengeance"

    Just kidding, I admire your "I am gonna try to not stress it" attitude.