Thursday, September 06, 2007

Things that make me happy

First, some Sunday Sky and line-dried sheets:

Hanging out

Second, a baby hat made out of leftover yarns:

Sweet Baby Cap #2

This is the second Sweet Baby Cap (Pattern found here) I've made. This time, I used a variety of yarn including Koigu (two colourways), Fleece Artist (discontinued Kid Silk blend), and a Luxury Alpaca for which I cannot find the tag. I told Mr. Happy that this is the kind of hat that makes you want to procreate just so you can keep it. (NO, the answer is NO. As I told my neice last night, "Do not expect that you'll have a cousin in the next nine months.")

Last but not least, Charade Socks, pretty flowers and a favourite mug filled with coffee:

Charade Socks

Needles: 2.5mm Addis
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM (Purchased years ago at Lucy Neatby's Christmas Sale!)
Mods: Knit toe-up, 56 stitches
Notes: Fastest socks I've ever made. I wonder if someone is rubbing off on me? I knit from the toe to just past the heel in a day.
I'm wearing those socks today and my feet are very happy.


  1. Cute hat. Just make a big one for yourself if you don't want to have a baby yet.

    Love the flower in the sock!

  2. I just started the log cabing socks using magic loop and I'm in lurve.
    Those charade socks are so nice, really need to get me some Koigu.

  3. i miss you guys too-i am not online much.
    hehe i think you would be a magnificent queen of hearts. i was the white queen in grade 8

    ps i have mixed feelings about leaving the boys in those photos....

  4. Clotheslines always make me happy. BTW there is a Flickr group Beautiful Clotheslines
    as well as one called Clothes line

    There could be more I did not seek them out they came to me. I'm a bit too impatient to search for stuff in Flickr.

  5. I love the colours in the baby hat! And in the socks, too.

  6. I love that photo of your feet in the socks with the flower. It belongs in a calendar or something.
    I'd buy a calendar with that socky picture in it.