Monday, September 10, 2007

Somewhat Good Fences Make Great Neighbours Too!

There is an ugly fence that separates our yard from the neighbour's yard. It was erected by the original owners of the house as a means of hindering backyard shortcuts. The fence is constructed of rusted metal pipes and green plastic-coated wire mesh.

When we moved in, it became a necessary evil as both yards held dogs. It is still a necessary evil as Pippin likes to run around our back yard when he visits.

Despite the ugliness of the fence, many pleasant conversations have taken place between the neighbours who lean on it. Tools have been passed from hand to hand over it. Dogs have been patted through it. Plates of cookies and desserts have been shared. A feeling of "somewhat good fences make great neighbours" surrounds this fence.

Almost every summer since we moved into our house, my neighbour and I have planted various climbing flowers along the fence to disguise it a bit. It's a bit like putting a party dress on a lizard. It looks better, but it's still a lizard underneath.

My neighbour, busy with her son's wedding plans, didn't get her flowers in the ground as early this spring. I was anxious to experiment this year as last fall I saved all the seeds from my Morning Glories. As soon as the ground was a reasonable temperature (i.e. no frost in the soil), I scattered the seeds in the soil. Mr. Happy, the skeptic, didn't think they would grow.

Morning Glories

They have indeed grown, better than they have ever grown before. They're so desperate to grow that they're climbing up a tree and twining together for strength.

I can hardly wait to gather seeds this fall. Next summer will be even better!


  1. "a party dress on a lizard"


    Steph, you've such a way with words!!

  2. I love eager plants. I have a Bosten ivy that covers an ugly fence. Fall colour is amazing.
    I'll have to remember the Morning Glories for next year. You are lucky to have such a good neighbour.
    Sweetpeas I believe are good climbers too and their scent is... well sweet.

  3. Opps I meant I have a Virginia Creeper

    and yes I spelt Boston wrong too.

  4. The mental image of a lizard in a party dress is killing me.


  5. I love morning glories... hmmm... maybe that's what I'll do with my ugly fence at the house in town.

  6. Looks lovely. Did you use Miracle Grow or something like that, or are you just Mrs. Greenjeans?

  7. Dumb question... are morning glories annuals? I have some on my backyard fence, but as I just moved in, I have no idea how they got there or how to care for them!

  8. Yup, morning glories are annuals. There, that is the only thing I know about them, via my mom.

    WOOO they grew like crazy!

    My mental lizard is wearing the same dress one of my creepy sock monkeys has on.