Sunday, September 30, 2007

Moose Toes*

My dad got his moose on Friday morning.

Moose toes

I was half expecting a toe tag on the poor guy. (kidding)

For those who are interested, it was 850 pounds, field dressed (i.e. guts removed), which means it was probably close to 950 lbs. There were 17 points on the antlers. Translation: A big bull!

I'm sure I'll hear the story of the hunt later today - now that Dad is out of the woods.

For those of you who are horrified by this photo and the idea of hunting - please know that the meat will be eaten, and not wasted.

*Looking at this photo, I can't help but think of the term "Moose Knuckles". Every time I look at the photo, I see a woman wearing her pants too tight. Ew, ew, ew, ew.


  1. Glad to hear your Dad got a moose ... he was a huge one! Wow! My husband and his family all hunt , and I grew up in a non-hunting household, so am just getting used to the "hunting tales". I do think the moose has cute feet, and am glad to hear he will be food! (Moose sausage is a big hit in our house!)

  2. Moose is a red meat, right? I have trouble digesting those. Otherwise, I'd be willing to try it (not that I'm inviting myself over to your parents' house or anything).

    It would be cool if moose were made of mousse. Chocolate, preferably. But then...I'd be a hunter.

    I'm definitely OK with hunting as long as the meat gets eaten and it's all totally legal. And if it's not a millionaire doing the hunting, because if you can afford groceries, you don't need to supplement by killing such a majestic animal. And all that.

  3. Poor little moosie moose - but it's good that the meat will not go to waste.

  4. I have never heard the phrase "moose knuckles" before, but I'm going to have to work it into as many conversations as I can now. They call it "camel toe" down here.

  5. Steph, I think it was Brooke that thot Nan should paint the toe nails! I'm not up for that. Although for all the people against hunting moose, we tell the girls that Pop has to get them before they jump out in front of people on our roads, and yes some of our family & friends do eat red meat. Our Pastor already asked your Dad to remember his tithes (moose meat)!

  6. I'm not a hunting fan... I use to car pool with a hunter and heard my share of the gory bits.
    My neighbour and his boys and the dogs are out duck hunting this week.