Sunday, September 30, 2007

Running Away From Home

Has it really been 12 days since I updated? Whoa.

Let's do the easy stuff first. Last Sunday, Mr. Happy and I ran away from home. It had been ages since we had been out of the city, so we jumped in the car and headed across the Harbour. With Steve-O-Rino's coffee in our cupholders, we drove to Mahone Bay on the South Shore. It's about an hour's drive from our house and while we drove the weather changed from foggy and cool to sunny and HOT...

We were thrilled when we drove into town and discovered that there was a Flea Market in full swing. Mr. Happy is one of those guys who appreciates a good Flea Market - so we parked the car and practically ran to the market. They had some high quality fleas at this place - antique stands were mixed with fruit and vegetable stands - and everyone seemed to know someone else at the market.

We walked around, squinting against the bright sunshine and roasting in the heat (26C?), eyeing the tables of antiques and not-so-long-ago household items. We settled on a set of 38s - the soundtrack to South Pacific in a hard cover book with sleeves for the records - and a more recent album - Tammy Wynette's D-I-V-O-R-C-E.

We stashed our records as well as some local produce in the car and had lunch at The Cheesecake Gallery. Yum.

A very good day

I can't remember who had blogged about eating at this restaurant, but I am so glad for the recommendation. It was delicious. We didn't just eat cheesecake - we both had sandwiches and salad. My salad had mixed greens, sliced avacado, grilled pears and pistachios. It almost outdid the cheesecake. Almost.

After lunch, we walked around town and of course, took some time to visit a certain store...

Henry at Have A Yarn

...where I bought some yarn:

Drops Alpaca

We continued our walk around town and discovered that Mahone Bay has been invaded by monsters:

Ocean Monsters

After a lovely afternoon of reaffirming our belief that Mahone Bay is indeed a lovely town... we drove home.

I'm squishing your motorcycle

Heh heh... I'm behind you... squishing yer motorcycle.


  1. I love Mahone Bay. Maybe themister and I should run away from home next weekend....

  2. heheheh! I think I may have been the blogster who tipped you off to the Cheesecake Gallery - It is sooooooo soooooo yummy there! I am glad I hadn't set the bar too high before you went, and that they lived up to their reputation (I love Mahone Bay - everything there is wonderful! Yarn! Fleas! Cheesecake! What more could you want?!) Your cheesecake is making me hungry - we almost went to MB yesterday, on the drive to Halifax.

  3. Haha I have Mahone Bay as one of my nursing homes and I have been meaning to post a picture of those monsters for a while now!

    Have a Yarn is great eh? They have an awesome selection of Drops.

  4. To echo, I too love Mahone Bay. It's only about half an hour from here (Liverpool) and I find it to be the perfect little escape.

  5. Love Mahone Bay too, in fsct the whole south shore. My parents and brother lived in that part of NS for 15+ years. The Mahone Bay Scarecrow Festival was this weekend.

  6. Have a Yarn is awesome, with a fantastic selection. BUT, if you go to Have a Yarn with questions or service expectations, stay away on Sundays. Go during the week or Saturday when Heather is there. She's all about service and nice, too. Sunday's keeper mostly stays behind the counter hiding. Not so good.