Monday, September 17, 2007

Red Carpet Concert

I'm catching up on all the news from last week... and am realizing what a busy week it was!

So, to review:
Tuesday: Knitting with the Gang at KOL
Wednesday: Pop In Sessions with Buck 65
Thursday: Well, I guess I should tell you about Thursday, shouldn't I?

Thursday morning the illustrious Uncle K, Aunt K and Cousin Jenny arrived from Alberta. They had taken the red-eye flight and were just waking from naps when I arrived home from work.

After a quick supper, we geared up and headed downtown. The Westerners aren't accustomed to the damp air here on the Atlantic ocean, so Uncle K borrowed a tuque:

Uncle Kendall makes sure Henry gets home safely

...and a wooly monster.

Since there were many things going on downtown (translation: there would be little to NO parking), we took the bus across the bridge and walked to our destination: The Atlantic Film Festival Gala on Argyle Street. Here's Henry, posing on the red carpet. (I'm sure he's going to end up in the paper as the "best dressed".)

Henry on the red carpet

Soooo, what were we doing on the red carpet? We were with the band, of course:

Rock on...

The Heavy Blinkers played! (Mr. Happy is the guy in the hat at the piano.) They played songs that are going on the new album - my favourite being, of course, one that Mr. Happy wrote. (With apologies to Jason, who seems to be reading a lot of knit blogs these days.)

After the band played, I was talking to some friends and other band members when I turned around to see this:

Ruth makes out with Henry

Henry in a lip lock with Ruth Minnikin. Her boyfriend is NOT going to be happy about this. Henry is really taking this "Wooly Mammoth" stage personality too seriously. Speaking of Wooly Mammoth, his new hero played after the Blinkers:

Buck on stage

We had to drag him home.

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  1. Don't barf, but I'm totally perving on Uncle K.