Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pop In Sessions III

Pop In Session

Last Wednesday, Ms. Extremities, Henry and I went to see Buck 65 perform at Mr. Happy's studio.

As the studio's air conditioning system would interfere with the sound quality of the recording, the audience was quite warm. Henry chose a spot near the door, where the air was cooler and where he had a good view of Buck.

Henry, in awe

He's made of wool; I think this was a smart choice - he might have felted more in the studio!

Studio Audience

Henry's musical tastes are broad at best. He's declared his undieing love for every single Pop In Sessions performer. After Wednesday night he has been playing Buck 65's albums, one after the other... and I found his copies of David Myles' and Jim Bryson's albums being used as coasters. (Sorry guys.)

While the rest of the audience was filing out of the studio at the end of the show, Henry hung back near the door, hoping to talk to Buck. Finally, Patrick, a friend and one of the cameramen for the evening, pushed him forward and asked Buck for a photo. Buck was very gracious and posed with Henry at the turntable.

Gangsta rappers.

Henry has this photo on the refrigerator and has taken to calling himself "Wooly Mammoth". He thinks it's a cool stage name. He's been wearing sunglasses and one of my bracelets around his neck.

Last night I discovered that he had emailed some mp3s of his rap songs to Buck. I don't think I've ever heard Merino used in quite that context ever before.


  1. Henry is such a well connected wee monster...

    Very cool!

  2. Yes, very cool. And tell Henry I like his new stage name.

    Is he pleased that there's a pattern called Henry in the new Knitty, or is he insulted that it has nothing to do with him? :-)

  3. Anonymous7:33 a.m.

    That is a way awesome pic of $1.65. He pretty much embodies cool.

  4. Love the Buck65 photo... too cool!