Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Swapapaloooooooza - the stash

I wrote about the KOL swap being a lot of fun, but forgot to show you the stash that came home with me:

Swapapalooza - my stash

Clockwise from the top:

Orangey handspun from Moe - Um, Moe? What's the fibre content? I've forgotten what you told me.
(I think I freaked her out when I said something about having someone's handspun was akin to a stalker having a swatch of someone's skin... and I just freaked myself out by typing that. Caffeine does weird things to my brain.)

Pinky green stuff - seawool, I believe, from the Geek's stash.

Two skeins of orange and pale yellow - Natural Dye Studios - from The Ninja's stash.

And this stuff:

Swapapalooza - my stash

I can't remember what this is nor from whence it came - could someone please tell me what I've got here? I seem to remember the words "seawool" being hollered, but at that point in the night, things were quite rowdy.

I also salvaged some sturdy workhorse wool (i.e. Briggs&Little as well as Lismore) for my grandmother. I thought she might be able to make mittens from it.

While I was outside taking these photos on the weekend, I also took this photo:

Sweet Baby Cap #3

That makes THREE baby caps in as many weeks. I think I may have a problem. I'm addicted to these little caps!

Knitting these caps is like eating a box of chocolates - you can do it easily and without thinking and the next thing you know, you're staring at the box wondering how the heck it happened.

I think I like making these hats because of the fact that they use up those odd bits of yarn left over from knitting socks. I can't bring myself to throw out the yarn, so I've got all the bits and bobs in a ziploc bag, but NOW I've got fewer bobs... and some bits.


  1. Any particular reason you're focused on baby knits?

  2. It's seawool babe.

    Also, the swap here, not as awesome as KOL.

    Kisses for henry!

  3. Anonymous7:51 a.m.


    I'm with meegie. There have been a lot of baby knits lately.

    Oh, the red/blue/etc sock yarn is the Fleece Artist sock merino. (my stash)

    The handspun is wilton dyed merino - remember that stuff we bought at GVF?

  4. hmm...nesting instinct kicking in?

    Anything you want to tell us sweetpea?

  5. What beautiful yarns.

  6. That's a great hat pattern, I am looking forward to trying it out.
    I might make it tomorrow night depending on when I decide to make my way to NB for a much needed rest. Same bat channel, same bat time?