Monday, October 08, 2007

Henry Takes a Bath

Last Thursday, Henry went to supper with my manager and me at a local Italian restaurant. After supper, I went to work at a career fair and Henry went for a nap in my backpack along with my manager's leftovers - a pasta dish with lots of oil and garlic.

Just before the career fair started, I discovered that Henry had gotten into the leftovers and was covered in oil and garlic. It was awful. He smelled like he had eaten an entire clove of garlic and washed it down with a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil. I squeezed as much oil out of his head as I could, but that didn't help. It was coming out his pores. I tucked him in my backpack and brought him home.

Since Thursday, Henry has been hiding from me because, as it turns out, he was scared of having a bath. It was his fear of shrinkage: He didn't want to end up smaller than he already is.

Men. They're so irrational.

Tonight, after much pursuading, he agreed to have a bath. (I think the smell was getting to him too.)

He insisted on taking a book with him to the bathroom, but I wouldn't let him read it in the bath because I didn't want a soggy book.

Henry Takes a Bath

He really liked the scent of the camomile shampoo:

Henry Takes a Bath

Once I filled up the "tub", he jumped right in like an old pro:

Soaking in it!

The majority of the oil and garlic was on his face, so I lathered him up and then we made shampoo mohawks:

Washing his hair

After I was satisfied that I had done all I could with the shampoo, I let Henry relax in the "tub" for a while:


He asked for the candle.

I let him have some privacy and went downstairs for a bit... reassured by the sound of Henry singing and occasional splashes and "bubble" noises. When I figured that he had had enough, I went upstairs and drained the sink.



Perhaps I should have worried about "shrinkage" after all?

* Please note: Henry was squished for comedic effect. He did not shrink and was not harmed in any way. He still smells a bit like garlic.


  1. Hmmm...
    Maybe lavendar wool wash?

    Or something lemon?

  2. sides hurt from reading this post. You are truly brilliant! Troy and I are very impressed :)

    Miss you all \!

  3. Just have Henry tell everyone the garlic is to keep away the vampires.

    I love your vintage bathroom. Do I spy a claw-footed tub?

  4. My beautiful man! What have they done to you?!

    Looks like Henry (or Henri as my mom calls him) may have to see if he can get on one of those Extreme Makeover type shows.

  5. Tell Henry that all the foodie chicks will find him irresistible.

    Or, if you have a stainless steel sink just give him a full body massage along the side of the sink and that should help. Hey, it works for my fingers after I've been cooking!

  6. Did you read some Fleming to Henry while he was in the bath? Maybe you don't want him learning to many spy tricks.

    Smell ya later, Henry!

  7. Hooray, I'm glad Henry made it through the bath! Too bad he still smells bad =/

  8. noooooo henry! say it isn't so!

    hehehe shrinkage.