Monday, October 08, 2007

Horror in the Skies

Last Tuesday, while on a flight from St. John's, Newfoundland to Halifax, Nova Scotia, I started knitting the heel flap to the socks I intend to give to Jen.

It wasn't until row 5 of the heel flap that I realized that something was drastically wrong.

I didn't seem to have the right number of stitches for the flap.

I examined the sock and... not wanting to believe what my eyes were telling me, I counted.

Then, I counted again.

And that's when I screamed.

Do you see it?

Oh F************

No? Let me show it to you again, only this time, I 'll line up the socks for you:

Oh F************

Now would be a perfectly good time to swear. I'll do it silently, so as to keep this a G-rated blog.

The sock is currently banished to the UFO basket. Once it has been ripped and re-knit, we will never speak of this moment again.


  1. Egads. I think I would have uttered some profanity. Inappropriately of course.

  2. took me minute to see it.

    Oh, that just sucks.

  3. thanks for the tip off re: LoobyLu ... a friend in graphic design sent me the graphic for a t-shirt ... so I assumed it was a free clipart (So was using it as such, with no idea re: the artist). I have removed it from my blog until I find out from the artist whether it is public domain or not.

    Gawd - I feel like a thief ... I didn't know it wasn't a use as u wish clipart! crap! (I used to work for a photographer, and he would be soooo ticked if someone kleptoed his images - shoot!)

    Thanks for iding the artist - I wasn't familiar with her work, but as soon as i went to her site, the style was obvious (but I c ouldn't find that particular picture)