Monday, October 15, 2007

One last thing

Ok, before I head off into conference land.

I have been knitting...

Projects on the go:
1. Socks for Mr. Happy - Burnt orange 6-ply Opal - the man has size 11 feet, you think I'm insane enough to use 4-ply?
2. Turtleneck shrug for moi
3. Silk scarf - for ?

Projects recently finished:
1. My dad's Christmas present. (sorry, not telling you what it is, but knitters will know - the Magic Loop ROCKS!)
2. Another Sweet Baby cap - for Tangled Skeins this time!

And I've been stashing...

...and Crap. I wanted to say something else, but I can't remember what it was.

Silly conference... sucking out all my brain cells.

Tuesday morning: I remember now!

It's time for the annual Home Heating Hold Out!

It's the yearly contest of the wills to see how long Mr. Happy and I can last without turning on the furnace. We usually give in some time in early November, when we can see our breath in the morning, and I start using the hairdryer to heat up my pants before putting them on.

Mr. Happy is heading off to the U.K. next week* and will be gone until November 1st. I'll be on my own, wearing my multiple layers of fleece and watching steam curl off my coffee in the morning.

Good times.

*Mr. Happy will be creating a "making of" video for a local musician who is recording in Dover right now.


  1. I wish you great luck with the conference. And a not to horrible post stress crash.

  2. You'll be fine - you always throw a kickass conference. (Remember to bring lots of chocolate for bribes and nerves.) And I'm a total wuss when it comes to heating the house. As Mr. Ninja says, better to pay the heating company than a doctor. :P

  3. 3. Silk scarf for Lesley


  4. Home Heating Holdout is my favorite game! Too bad I'm on my in-laws' team this year again. They're the wussiest Canadians ever.

    The furnace has been on since Sept 30.

  5. See now I thought I was the only one who played Home Heating Holdout. This is why I love the internet. My acceptable turn on date it Oct. 1st with a turn off date of the May long weekend. Truth be told, I think I got it from L.M. Montgomery's novel The Blue Castle.
    Anyhoo, hope the conference goes well!

  6. Hey there! In response to your question in my comments, the beach photos were taken at Summerville Beach in Port Mouton. Not far from White Point actually. A beautiful mile long white sand beach...and being on it a couple of days before Thanksgiving wasn't too shabby either!

  7. I've been reading your blog for a while, but have been horribly slack about commenting before. My hub and I also play the Home Heating Holdout game (we're in Massachusetts). We usually make it into November. Normally, I would be willing to cave earlier, but he insists on waiting because I'll still be cold whether we turn on the heat or not, so I just bundle up and wait until he decides it's cold enough. This year we only made it through to last week because HE got a cold and had chills and couldn't take it anymore.

  8. you are so weird. we already have our furnace on. heh heh. This way I can keep wearing tank tops all year.

  9. HA! We play the same game! Curently, it's 50 degrees outside. They are predicting a high of 82 today. I've told my husband that we won't need the furnace at all this winter -- with all the hotter than h*** days this summer, I think I've stored up enough heat to get us through the winter months.