Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Incredible Disappearing Moi!

Wow... you would think that the conference was a week long, wouldn't you? The truth is, my conference was last Saturday and Sunday, but I've been so busy and worn out ever since that I haven't taken time to blog.

The Conference
The conference itself went well and was a huge hit (I think) with all those who attended. There was only one hiccup - my room was the scene of a rather embarrassing mix up involving a waiter from banquet services, a fruit and cheese tray, the green room for the band (our evening's entertainment), the shower, and me in a towel.

Let's just say there were lots of apologies and a red-faced waiter who happened to be stuck serving my table during dinner.

The Home Fires
Mr. Happy is in Dover until Thursday. He's called home a couple of times and seems to be doing well. I, on the other hand, am going against my former stance on not b*tching about the neighbours to let you know that their back yard now contains:
- the same Rubbermaid totes that have been there since the first week of August
- two bicycles
- four bags of garbage
- a mop
- a wardrobe which is on its back and on which the kids have spray painted the word "Pimpes".
Alas, not only do the whackos next door not know enough to tidy up their back yard, but they misspell their graffiti as well. Colour me surprised.
(I have visions of myself jumping the fence with a spray can and adding an "L" to make it say "Pimples")

The Knitting
Mr. Happy is roaming around England in a pair of orange Opal 6-ply socks which I completed just an hour before he left for the airport.

I'm knitting some socks for my niece in a lovely stripey blue (Knit Picks Felici in ____). I saw her last night and had her try them on. She's grown from a size 6 to a 9 in four months!

I'm angry at a Victorian lace shawlette. I'm considering dousing it in gasoline, setting it ablaze and flinging it into the neighbour's defaced wardrobe in an attempt to rid myself of two eyesores at once.

I've got a serious case of "Startitis" tonight, so I may just go and start 10 different things, just because I can.


  1. Anonymous3:59 p.m.

    I feel your pain. The neighbour continues to conduct his entire life on the front step, using a very "outdoor" voice.

    I also have all the focus of an 8yr old with ADHD who hasn't taken their ritalin.

    pimpes. That cracks me up. (Pronounciation? peeemps. pimpays.)

  2. Neighbours are so annoying.
    I live next to a nice family of 7 (including their new daughter in law)it often appears as if they each have a car plus a few spares...
    Mr & their eldest son do construction work they often bring their work home, and they do body work as a hobby.

    I think I should have been be a hermit.

  3. Oh my. Neighbors like that are a royal pain. It's funny, when I saw "Pimpes" my mind made closure and put the L in there!

    I once had neighbors whose teenage girl had a boyfriend who would come over and play his car radio LOUD (there's not a big enough font for how LOUD it was) while they hung out on their front porch. It was awful. It was also rap which just sets my teeth on edge anyway.