Monday, October 29, 2007

The End of the Watt Furnace Moratorium

Mr. Happy left for England a week ago tonight.

For the last week I have been sleeping in my flannie jammies in a bed layered with the following (Top to bottom)

- The feather filled comforter that once belonged to my neighbour's grandmother
- A quilt made my my grandmother - folded in half (i.e. two layers)
- A cotton bedspread - carried home from Portugal by my father only to be spotted in Sears a month later.
- A Velux blanket
- a feather duvet
- New Brunswick sheets
- Me.

I have been doing so well:

I've abandoned the house for coffee shops and longer hours at the office;

I've been eating supper and then heading to bed where I watch TV and hang out for the night ;

I've even employed the oft-overlooked "canine heating system" on Saturday night (Pippin came for a sleep-over)

I've considered putting sweaters on the houseplants;

I've drank many many cups of this*:


Tonight I started baking a batch of bread.

It was 12C inside the house.

Then I realized that the temperature was going to dip down to the freezing mark tonight, I caved; I went downstairs and turned on the furnace.

Mr. Happy and his internal radiant heating system are an ocean away.

Don't blame me. Blame him. If he was here, I might have made it.

*If you haven't already discovered this little gem, Abuelita is a product from Mexico. It's the best hot chocolate I've ever had. The package contains 6 round "cakes" that make 4 servings each. You melt the chocolate in milk... and then you slurp down ever last bit. It smells like, and even tastes like, Ganong Chicken Bones.

Cubanos, which is a hop, skip and a jump from my house, sells Abuelita. I'm predicting a run on it once the word gets out.

By the way - Abuelita falls into the "Happiness to be had for under $10" category.


  1. you didn't even make it to November!!! Wuss! hee hee...

  2. I turned my heat on long ago. My heat is included in my rent, so I do not feel guilty.

  3. I've had my heat off and on a few times. After we got home from Ontario after thanksgiving, it was only 16C in the house so we had to warm it up for the kitties.

  4. Better to pay the heating bill than the doctor's bill. Heh. But I hear you on the portable male heater thing...they're indispensible this late in the season.

  5. As soon as my nose gets cold in the house, I'm done. So I congratulate you on holding out as long as you did!

  6. Mmmmm....Abuelita....

    I so have to get some of that stuff tonight.

  7. I'm a wimp, it's barely cold here, but our furnace is on. I could blame the fact that new doors were installed yesterday and there are still big gaps around the edges that need to be rebuilt. I hope they come back and finish the work soon...

  8. you made it far longer than I did. We finally put the heater on last nite. I do so love to have the windows open but it was just getting too cold. If it had been just me I think I could have held out a little longer.

  9. Wimp, wimp, wimp... must be colder over there than on this side of the harbour. I will admit to finally closing my windows last night. Though have not turned the heat on as yet. I never turn the heat on in the up stairs rooms anyway, except the bathroom in the morning.
    I did finally switched to my cotton flannel sheets, and have a wool blanket on the bed along with the duvet, I do also have a layer of cats. This year my oft times resident radiant heat source will be away for the winter. So, I know I will need to pile on a few more wool blankets than normal this year.

    For those in the city Abuelita can also be found at Pete's. Alternately, if you can’t get it at a store near you than just add cinnamon and a pinch of chilli pepper or red pepper flakes to any good quality hot chocolate

    Switch out that velux blanket for a wool one.

  10. I'll have to pass on the's Nestle. Since you don't need a rant on Nestle here, I won't say why. But looks like I'm missing out on yet another yummy something because I can't give my money to them :(
    I'm not looking forward to having to pay for heat. Probably one of the few benefits of apartment living.