Saturday, November 03, 2007

Thanks for all the help, Noel

Since the first of August we have been eyeing the yard that once was the pride of the neighbourhood - Once upon a time, a family owned that house. They cared for the lawn and the flower beds and the property. They grew up in that house, they grew old in that house and then they moved away. Now we have every home owner's dread - messy renters living next door. (If they were tidy renters, I wouldn't mind. I'd even bake them bread and learn the name of their kids and their dog.)

I thought that we would have to wait for snow before the neighbour's yard was returned to its pristine state. Today, however, the threat of Noel (Tropical Storm) had the neighbours outside - cleaning up bicycles, totes, and the "Pimpes" wardrobe

I will forever be grateful to Noel, and to the neighbour who carefully put away all the stuff in the back yard today.

Even if we lose some shingles.


  1. I wonder though...

    Will they toss it all about the yard again after the storm is over?

    Kidding Steph, I'm sure they won't :)

  2. Wouldn't you have loved to see that old wardrobe get blown apart?