Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Very Successful Day Without Power

We woke up this morning to the darkened face of our alarm clock.


It's hard to handle a day "off-line" when you're addicted to electricity.

Mr. Happy and I found a battery and tuned our radio to trusty CBC Radio One where we heard that our house was one of 60 000 homes in Metro without power. Oh, and we might not get hooked back up until TUESDAY! Yikes.

A couple of phone calls later and the whole family headed over to my in-laws' condo, or as we called it, the "storm shelter".

They had power and we had bacon! We cooked more bacon than would be considered proper by any health professional, drank two pots of coffee, and finally, after 2 dozen, had to ban my nephew from cooking any more eggs.

After my BIL and I did the dishes, the kids broke out the Scrabble board. The whole family played. I pointed out a prime spot for my niece and BIL to place a word; they score 66 points and won the game. GAH!

We eventually left my in-laws in peace and headed home. Mr. Happy headed to work (at a friend's house where they had power) and I spent the afternoon and most of the evening reading "The Kite Runner".

I was just eyeing the shrinking candles when the telltale hum of the refrigerator told me that we wouldn't have to worry about cooking up the contents of the refrigerator.

After such a nice day, it was almost disappointing to blow out the candles.

(The temperature in our house has risen since the storm, so the furnace is off again. It's 64F in the house, which is almost exactly where we keep the thermostat when the furnace is running.)


  1. That sounds lovely. Our power went out overnight, so even though I was still up (the howling winds were a little unsettling...especially since we just finished siding the house) I didn't get to fully enjoy it. It came back on a few hours later.

  2. I was worried about you. I would have fretted less had I known you were swimming in bacon. :P