Monday, November 12, 2007

A Shout Out To Out of Town Knitters

'Tis the season for New Brunswick knitters to come to town!

A few weeks ago we had a special visitor at KOL.

Miss Me - at KOL

Miss Me, with her fabulous smile and even more fabulous knitting skillz, was in town for not one but two Tuesdays of knitting! That bit of colour you see on the back of her chair? That's the most beautiful use of "sale bits" I've ever seen.

Henry really enjoyed Miss Me's WIP. Here, she is trying to pull him off her yarn:

Henry, fondling Miss Me's knitting

He was stuck on there like a burdock on your favourite wool sweater when your mom told you to stay tidy for dinner at Grandma's!

On Saturday, CanKNITian was in town. We planned to meet at Tangled Skeins. When she got there, Moe was shopping patterns, Alison was knitting,
Mrs. Extremities
was working and I was snorfing down chocolate!

Of course, we forgot to take photos until the bitter end. This is the best one of the bunch:

Me, Lisa, Jilanna

(me, Mrs. Extremities, CanKNITian)

Let's just say that we're not putting Henry in charge of the camera again.

It was really great to see both of these fine ladies. What makes their visits even more fun? I believe they go to the same knitting group in New Brunswick. Sing it with me, "It's a small world...!"


  1. It's always so much fun to see you! And it was a treat to meet so many of my other 'imaginary friends' too. S & I made another quick stop at TS this morning. :)

    Miss Me and I are definitely members of the same knitting group and have been yarn buddies for a long time.

    Do you want to know how small the world really is? When I was at TS this morning there was a lady there looking for yarn and she overheard some of our chatter and asked if we'd come all the way from NB to yarn shop. After confirming that it was just a happy by-product of our overall trip (whatever, I was there for the yarn!), we found out that not only has she lived in NB she's also the godmother of one of my K-12 school buddies! Imagine!

  2. small world indeed! love the photos and hope to be back soon. give my love to henry? xox