Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Christmas Knitting Panic

Christmas Gift #1: I have to say that the Magic Loop is saving my knitting arse this year. I'm already finished two gifts that I never dreamed I would get done in time for Christmas. Instead of taking a month of Sundays to knit, these socks for my niece only took a few days:

Socks for my niece

Yarn: Felici by Knitpicks in "Coastal"
Pattern: my own, toe-up - 60 stitches
Needles: 2.5 addi turbos

My niece thinks that these socks are for Ivy, my SM. We were in the Annapolis Valley a few weeks ago when I asked her to try on the socks, saying, "I think you and Ivy have the same size feet" (so not true). Being a good kid, she gamely took off her canvas sneakers and tried on the sock.

Moments later, the smell of pre-teen foot in canvas sneakers assaulted my olfactory system. My niece smiled sheepishly and apologized for the stinky foot smell. She held out the sock and I took it from her, holding it a safe distance from my nose before dropping it in my backpack, and said, "Well then... I guess I'll just let that air out and work on something else for a while." Gack!

For scale I've placed a 7" needle on the sock. My adorable little niece, the one who was the same height as me last Christmas, has grown a lot this year. Her feet grew from a size 6 to a size 9.5 in the last 5 months. She wore her mom's flip flops all spring and summer, so they didn't notice until she started back at school in the fall. Crazy, eh?

Christmas Gift #2: If you're not my dad, you can click here to see what I've made for him this year. That gift took me only a couple of days. I do believe that I ROCK!

Ahem. *assumes less obnoxious demeanour*

Not a Christmas Gift #1: After finishing the socks for my niece this week, I decided that I needed to make a hat for myself. Believe it or not, I've been wearing the same two hats for the last few years (my Shining Star hat and my Noro ribbed hat). I did get a nice hat from the swap we held at KOL at the end of the summer (It was too big for Moe), and I love it, but I really wanted to knit a slouchy hat. I reached into the stash and pulled out this:

Le Slouch

Yarn: Terra by The Fibre Company
Pattern: Le Slouch by Knit and Tonic
Needles: 5.0mm and 5.5mm

Hey - everyone needs a little somethin' somethin' for themselves during the holidays.

Not a Christmas Gift #2: I picked this up on Friday night:

Moe gets published

Reason #1 for buying this book so close to Christmas:
Moe has a pattern in it.

Reason #2 for buying this book so close to Christmas:
All the awesome patterns, including what will become:

Christmas Gift #3:*

Christmas knitting

I'm going to make this hat for my almost 11-year-old nephew. Since he's a sk8r dude, I think he's going to LOSE his mind when he sees it. I asked my SIL about it already and she has approved the skullage on the hat. I've chosen to tone it down a bit by knitting it in blue and black instead of red and black. The yarn is Wool Gatto from Lana Gatto. It's the same weight as the Baby Ull that the pattern calls for but Oh-so-much-more squishy!

Now, if you'll excuse me. I must go panic about the rest of the Christmas knitting.

*Could I use just a few more colons in this post? :::::::!


  1. LOVE the skull toque... very cool.

  2. Anonymous2:15 p.m.

    stupid blogger ate my comment

  3. Anonymous2:18 p.m.

    I SAID...

    When I read that your posted needed more colons, I jumped to conclusions.

    In awe of your mad x-mas knitting skillz.

    I also mentioned that I've been way too busy sewing sequins/beads/etc to a bra that I'm going to dance in (in public, voluntarily), to knit for Christmas. My priorities are clearly askew.

  4. Moe, will pictures of said bra with you dancing in it end up on facebook? You're a brave, brave woman!

  5. Familiar yarn and terrific socks.

    And Moe, you're a rock star! How freaking cool are you?