Monday, December 24, 2007

The Christmas Knitting Panic

Ladies, and perhaps, Gents...

As you can probably guess, I have been quite busy this last month. I am one of the many knitters doing Christmas knitting this year. Despite last January's good intentions, I only completed one gift before September:

Hat and Scarf

A reversible cabled scarf and hat for my sister-in-law. The pattern can be found at Knit and Tonic.

Since September I've made great progress...

These for my dad:

Dad's presents

Socks which were completed a while ago and a hat.

The hat is based on several patterns... the yarn is Debbie Bliss Merino Aran.
My dad tends to pull tuques on his head without folding up the edge - so he looks like his winter-time alter-ego: "Zucchini Man"! (I've been calling him that for 20 years or so.) I made this hat so that he could leave Zucchini Man behind this year.

For my BIL:

Mitts and Mr Moe

(Soon to be) Felted Gauntlet Style mittens from Catherine Vardy's pattern. I love this pattern!
And a Mr. Moe Tuque from Moe's original pattern - which is now the Ski Beanie in "Son of Stitch N Bitch". Another pattern I adore... in fact, I like it so nice, I made it twice (sorry, that line came from a movie or something)

For my brother:

Mr. Moe

Both my brother's Mr. Moe and my BIL's Mr. Moe are made with Brown Sheep Nature Spun... and if you're not too sloshed on the ole eggnog, you'll see that I've cleverly saved myself some $ by knitting the two hats with the same yarn.

Are you seeing the grey and black theme yet?

Ok, so it's not all grey and black... here's some colour:

Socks for Christmas 2007

Socks previously mentioned here, L-R: Dad's socks, nephew B's socks, and Niece R's socks.
All I can say about these is that Magic Loop rocks.

I've also knit a pair of the felted gauntlets for my SIL's 1 year old nephew...

I think I've come a long way since September when I only had one gift ready. I just have a few things left to do, including:

Finish my Nephew's skull hat - which may not fit as he has a big head. (I've got alternate yarn and will wrap the UFO for him)
  • Knit and felt mittens for nieces x 2: These don't have to be ready until Friday.
  • Seam and block hats for BIL and brother
  • Felt mittens for BIL and little nephew
  • Wrap all the presents
  • Cook the carrot casserole
  • Make the stuffing for the turkey
  • Have my traditional pre-Christmas atomic meltdown
It seems like a big list, but I'm sure I can do it with some help from Mr. Happy.

Oh, did I mention that I've misplaced my darning needle?

(You may notice that my SM's present isn't listed up there. Ivy, you really think I'd post a picture of your present? HA!)


  1. I see that you got your lovely photos in before the rain hit! Very nice. Happy Knitting and Merry Christmas!

  2. Good job! I got everything knit but one pair of socks for my brother (he'd getting a ball of the yarn wrappyed with a Polaroid of the patter ;)
    And I'm not blocking anything. Oops.

  3. Best wishes for joy and happiness in the New Year.

    Great gifts!

  4. I love the blue cable knit set! Gorgeous!