Tuesday, January 01, 2008

An Open Letter to 2007

Dear 2007,
Year of the Pig, Year of the Dolpin, Year of Blech...

Now that 2008 is here, bright, shiny, new and full of promise, I have to confess that I am glad to see the arse end of our relationship. We started out so well, but I don't think that you and I were really all that compatible, 2007.

The family trip in May had me hoping that this would be a banner year. We had so much fun in Mexico that I thought you and I were going to get along famously, 2007. Maybe it was the pina coladas, but you seemed so great back in May.

By the time August rolled around, I knew it wasn't going to end well between us. 2007, I will remember you as the year that my kindly, quiet neighbour, the one with the beautiful garden, moved away and renters moved in, bringing dreaded Change to our street. Change that may lead to the Great Rhubarb Drought of 2008. The rain you brought with you for the summer will live forever in my memory, as you, 2007, were the first time in ages I had planted tomatoes and the first time I had ever planted so many... and the first time in years that tomatoes would not grow in my back yard. I will remember you as the year of the Tomato Harvest That Wasn't.

I will remember you as the year I got very stressed out, developed a twitch in my right eyelid and a nasty Scrabulous addiction. (I'm still uncertain as to whether or not the two are connected.)

I'm ashamed to say that I will also remember you for a multitude of miserable petty reasons I cannot speak of here.

I will, however, try my best to remember the good things times we had, 2007:
visits with far flung family and friends
babies born
trips taken
new friends made & old friendships rekindled
glorious yarn purchased & knit
successful and not so successful adventures in baking (Ninja, we will never speak of the Burnt Brownies again)
weddings and parties attended
guitar hero and wii played
new curtains sewn
sanded stairs
basement doors rehung
new doors purchased
new houses for friends and family (4 in fact)

Ok, so maybe you had some good points, 2007, but these last 3 months have been rocky. I haven't treated you very well and I don't think you gave me the respect I need. It's over between us. I think it would be best if we don't try to be friends again right away. I don't know that 2008 will be jealous, no that's not it; I just think that it's too soon. Maybe in a few years we'll get together and reminisce.

Take care of yourself,


P.S. I'll send you your stuff, ok? I think you've got a sweater and a couple of DVDs at my place.


  1. 2007. Its arse. I booted it.

  2. so long 2007... HAPPY 2008!!!

  3. 2007 was not high on my favourites list either (it was the carry over from late 2006 that did it).

    2008 will be my year of victory or defeat (my "waterloo" if you will, pun intended). Either way, hopefully better than 2007.

  4. A new year - a clean slate, a blank calendar, and endless possibilities. The neighbours junk is buried under the snow... um well... what snow the rain has not washed away.
    Joy, happiness, and best wishes for the New Year.

    PS You could keep the sweater and un-ravel it for the wool. :-)

  5. Loved this post! Too funny! It makes 2008 look even better!

  6. Angela8:57 p.m.

    I think Janie Clarkson and I quit speaking to 2007 mid november sometime.... and boy can I hold a grudge.

  7. Here's to a better 2008 -- I'm hoping more blog posts from you will be a part of it!