Sunday, January 06, 2008

2008 - Year of the Stash

This is my 503rd post on this old blog. I unknowingly posted for the 500th time on December 10th when the Knitting Pharm landed herself in the hospital. (She's feeling much better, thanks for asking. I talked to her on Wednesday and she mentioned that she's knit something like 72 pairs of socks this year. I KNOW!)

Anyhoo, moving on... I'm afraid my blog is suffering from a combination of neglect and winter doldrums. I'm hoping to remedy that with some pretty photos, sunshine and a personal challenge.

You see ladies, and perhaps gents, I do believe that 2008 will be a momentous year for me and this blog as this year I'm planning to "Knit The Stash". Stop laughing. I'm serious about this!

While my stash of yarn is not nearly as sizeable as some people I know (I won't name names here... I wouldn't want to encourage yarn thieves), it is starting to overwhelm me... and when I consider the size and the $ invested in it, well, I'm a lot ashamed. Here's the other problem, my house is not big enough for the two of us. My stash has become like "The Blob"... it is has begun to take on a life of its own and has started invading my space.

It no longer fits on the shelves and in the drawers of my wee green desk:

My stash holder

It has started invading the antique pharmacy cabinet:

stash in pharmacy cabinet

Where it hides in chaffing dishes:

Stash in chafing dish

It has stuffed itself into bags and has begun hiding behind the couch:

stash hiding

(Finally, a use for conference bags!)

It is piled high in baskets:

Stash in other baskets

and is building a fort around my knitting spot on the couch:

Stash in baskets and boxes

So this is it. This is the stash:

I'm so ashamed

Go ahead, gasp. I did.

Dad, before you tut-tut and shake your head, I would like you to take a moment to think about the tools, toys, engines and cars in your garage. I think we both know where this tendency came from. My stash is wool - yours is metal.

Whoops, I almost forgot this:

Imogen Kit

My Christmas gift from Mr. Happy - an Imogen Kit.

So, that's it. That is all the yarn I have to knit with this year until it's gone. I'm pretty sure I'll be fine until, at least, December 24th, 2010.

In view of my weakness for stashing, I've created some caveats to help me get through the year:

1. I may not buy yarn from any source no matter how good the deal, no matter how rare the yarn, no matter if the owner of the yarn will starve to death without my purchase (while I don't expect this to happen, yarn destashers and LYS owners are wiley - that's how they get you to buy their merchandise - melodrama and lies, people!)

2. I may accept yarn given to me by another party as long as I have not slipped them an envelope of cash in a dark alleyway.*

3. I must finish all UFOs, even if I hate the FO. Seriously - I MUST!

4. I may purchase needles if they are required in order to complete a project.

5. a. I may not accomplish the "knit the stash" goal by giving it away... however, if you see anything you like, I may be persuaded to sell it.**

5. b. I may not accomplish the "knit the stash" goal by storing it at someone else's house and pretending I've forgotten it was there. This is cheating.

6. I will do my best to rid myself of all leftovers. I suspect that there will be quite a few more of those "Sweet Baby Caps" in my future as it is perhaps the best use of leftover sock yarn!

7. I will consider a chronological knit-through of the stash... but I will, upon consideration, abandon this and knit the stash willy-nilly. (sorry, that's more of a prediction than a caveat)

8. I will do my best to avoid new pattern books and magazines, which make me get all excited about yarn I don't own.

9. I may not stash vicariously by encouraging my friends to buy yarn they don't need just because I really want it.

10. I will try not to break down and cry when all my friends are buying new yarn and all I've got is this crap. (heh heh)

That's the plan. I may come to you, dear internet friends and family (hi Auntie Ruth!) to ask your opinion of what I should knit with various yarn, but I suspect that Ravelry will a great help to me through any struggles I may have.

Now, if you'll all just stop laughing about how hard it is going to be for me to avoid purchasing yarn, I'm off to knit some mittens.

*I have agreed to do some test knitting for a local designer, so I suspect I will need yarn for this. I have also agreed to knit some mittens for my boss's daughters. He's buying the yarn.

** I may sell some of my yarn - in particular, the Rowan Kid Classic intended for a Turtleneck shrug. i can't face the thought of all that 3x3 ribbing. Yoi.


  1. minou and Birdie's Mommy8:26 p.m.

    Birdie still needs an Auntie sweater - something that screams "short bus"
    heh heh
    OMG I failed the word verification for the 3rd time today.

  2. 3. I must finish all UFOs, even if I hate the FO. Seriously - I MUST!

    Can this mean frogging?

    Looking at those pictures I think "what a nice tidy house!".

  3. I'm right there with you. I've made it my personal mission to clear my queue, and finish all UFOs before I can purchase any more yarn. Maybe we can try to keep each other strong :).

  4. I am impressed with your bravery. Myself, I am intending to buy less yarn this year, and knit my way through a chunk of my stash, but I know for a fact that I am not strong enough to not by ANY yarn this year.

  5. Speaking with meegiemoo yesterday and she mentioned your lofty goal. I must say I am impressed.

    I too think "what a tidy house!".

    I also love your knitting space at the end of the couch.

    If you have any HandMaiden Strati, I would consider purchasing it...

  6. You should consider starting like a KAL or something...perhaps a Ravelry group. I'd join. I don't have a huge stash compared to some, but I feel the same way. It's getting too big for my liking. I have lots of crap I'd like to get rid of before I start buying nicer crap to knit with.

    And when I look at the photos, I the antique pharmacy cabinet.

  7. *snerk*

    Easier solution to the stash issue...start lining the basement walls with cedar planks. And then let the stash live down there where it can grow into the glory that is a wooly amorphous blob.

    Or something like that.