Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Knit The Stash - Project 2 Update, Project 3 Started

Project 2: French Child's Socks
This morning, on the bus, I managed to knit quite a bit more on the HEEL. I'm already on the heel! Wheee! These socks go soooooo fast once you get in the rhythm of them.

Project 3: Do-Over - Skull Isle hat for my nephew
The Skully hat for my nephew, E, was tooooooo small for his head and mine. I've cast on again, this time with 200 stitches and Baby Ull - which is what the pattern calls for. I'm working on the million inches of 2x2 ribbing. Ugh.

Another thing I'm trying to do with Knit The Stash, is to intersperse old, unfinished projects with new projects. We'll see how long that lasts!


  1. Yay for stash knitting and for cleaning up the UFOs!

    (Says the girl who cast on a new sweater last night when there was AN INCH left to work on an old one.)

  2. I too shall knit the stash this year. For real. You are an inspiration to me. I just need the stash to get here...

    p.s. When are you coming to T.O? Bring Henry. I miss the little man.

  3. Knitting the stash is such an overwhelming proposition that I'm just trying to finish some lingering projects without casting on too many new ones while keeping the flood of new stuff into the house to a minimum!

    I hit my ten pound mark today at weight watchers. They claim I only have one more to go, but I'm looking for another 15!