Monday, January 14, 2008

Knit The Stash - UFO Project 2

Back in the fall I was knitting a nice pair of "French Child's Socks" that I had decided to give to a fellow knitter and friend. The first sock was completed with nary a hitch, but the second one... well, apparently I didn't do enough increases after the ribbing and didn't notice until I got to the heel. See here for the sad tale.

On Saturday afternoon I took that second sock off the needles:

Off the needles

And ripped it back...


All the way back to the ribbing.

Back on the needles again

And now I'm knitting again. I've got 4 pattern repeats done already. Only 7 more to the heel. WHEE!
I'm feeling really good about the decision to Knit the Stash. Let's see how long this feeling lasts!

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