Monday, January 14, 2008

Knit the Stash - New Project 1

My first new project for Knit the Stash 2008 was a nice quick knit -

Super Mittens

Green Super Mittens
Wool: Araucania Nature Wool Chunky
Pattern: Super Mittens from Weekend knitting

Modifications: None yet, but I'm thinking about knitting a lining for these. While the yarn is nice and thick, these mitts are somewhat "airy". I think a nice lining would help - however, since I'm not buying any yarn, I have to think about what I have that I can use for the lining.

I'm also thinking about embroidering the back to give them more "visual interest".

Despite the modifications I would like to make, these mittens are, according to their pattern, DONE. Therefore I'm counting this as my first completed NEW project of Knit The Stash 2008.


  1. I LOVEloveLOVE the colour of those mittens. Beautiful and yummy.

  2. Those mittens are just SCREAMING out for big googly eyes. And some eyebrows. And possibly some fangs.

    Just sayin'.

  3. I agree with Canadian Sadie.

    What about lining them with some cozy polar fleece? Or Microfleece. It wicks away moisture, so your hands won't get sweaty.

  4. I agree with the polar fleece or microfleece suggestion as a liner. Love the colour.

    Love this idea for embroidery on your mittens...