Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Grandmother, the Yarn Temptress

My dear Grammy has been sprung from the hospital. She is currently staying with my dad and Ivy - who are trying to fatten her up with scallops and homemade rolls. Or as Grammy said, "I had as many scallops as I wanted to eat."

I gave them a call tonight and Grammy took some time out from her crossword puzzle for a nice little chat. (Well, really, she told me that her hearing aid broke while she was in the hospital, so I bellowed as best I could into the phone and she got to talk in her normal voice.)

Grammy feels much better, thank you for asking. I passed on the get well wishes from all of you and she was quite pleased.

She told me that she had just turned the heel on a sock she is making for a friend. Then I told her about the photo of the stash and how I wasn't going to buy any yarn this year.

Grammy replied, incredulous, "I can't believe it!. You're not going to buy yarn this year?"

Doing my best to remain true to the cause, I said, "Well, not this year."

Then Grammy, in an wistful voice, said, "Oh, Stephanie, there are so many nice kinds of yarn now."

I was shocked, " Grammy! Are you trying to tempt me to buy more yarn?"

And she laughed.

Of course, she didn't mean to tempt me. She was just commenting on the state of yarn these days. But it does make for a good story, doesn't it?


  1. Scallops will cure all.

    A post about scallops and yarn? 2 of my favourite things. If you threw in smelly cheese, I probably would fall over.

    I'm glad Grammy is better.

  2. Oh, wonderful news. So glad to hear she's back in the land of decent food and feeling well enough to engage in the time honoured winter sport of yarn enabling.

  3. Yay for Grammy's release!

  4. Glad your grammie is feeling better.
    I had a plan of knitting from the stash for a while too, until I dropped by TS yesterday and saw all the stuff on sale. I have failed on my new years resolutions already...

  5. Glad to, read that Grammy is doing well. Your Grammy is a woman after my heart with her statment "I had as many scallops as I wanted to eat."

  6. Grandma's are the best aren't they? I'm glad to hear she is out of the hospital and doing well.