Monday, February 25, 2008

Forgive Me, Blogland, For I Have Purchased Wool

Ahem. It would seem that I must make an addendum to my self-imposed rules of Knit The Stash 2008.

I will say that I have been very, very good (for the most part). I have been to the yarn shop numerous times and have left each time without yarn for myself.

Since swearing off yarn purchasing for a year I have refrained from buying the following:
1. Silk Garden Lite (even though I've dreamed about it for years)
2. Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (ON SALE, PEOPLE, ON SALE)
3. Glorious, glorious sock yarns of varying shades, weights and price ranges.

There has been a high emotional cost to not buying this yarn. I have cried longingly over the Silk Garden. I have visions of dancing socks... and have been told by Mr. Happy that I cry out, "CASHMERINO! ON SALE!" in my sleep.

It would seem that I have had a very hard time not giving my money to local yarn store owners. However, I have had two circumstances arise that have required me to purchase yarn.

Situation #1: I needed yarn to make a gift.

The Ninja has gone and had herself a baby girl. A baby girl who may turn pink when she wears this sweater:

Baby Munchkin sweater

Pattern: Plackett Neck baby sweater from LMKG
Yarn: Serendipity tweed from Brown Sheep

During wash/rinse number three I called Jak and told her that the colour was running like crazy. She asked if I had used vinegar in the wash like the yarn lable suggested.

I had not.

Ninja? I did use the vinegar in the end... but this colour might still run a bit when you wash it. Please, just hand it over to me and I'll wash it when the time comes. That being said, I think there is a better chance that Miss Munchkin will outgrow this sweater before she has a chance to spit up on it!

Situation #2: I had a felting accident.

Countless times I have chastised Mr. Happy when I have found his hand-knit hats in the wash. Luckily, I wash everything in cold water and have always managed to find his hats, no worse for the wear, before they reached the dryer. A couple of weeks ago I threw his hat in the wash and thought to myself, "I'll just grab that before it goes in the dryer." Did I pull the hat out this time?

I did not.

His hat is so small that it looks like it would fit an orange. Why yes, I will take some ice cream with that humble pie.

I went to the yarn shop the next day to get some yarn to make him another like it:

Hat for Andrew

Pattern: Mr. Moe - the original version from Moe's blog.
Yarn: Patons Classic Merino (50% off!)

So, as you can see, I had no other option than to create the following Addendum for my "Knit The Stash 2008" list of rules:

Addendum #1: I may purchase yarn if it is to be immediately knit into a gift.

Addendum #2: I may purchase yarn if I accidentally felt another of Mr. Happy's *$&#(-ing hats.

Blogland, I hope you can forgive me. I know that you had such great hopes for me and my bank account. Now that you know the truth I will move ahead with a clear conscience.


  1. if the felted hat would fit an orange, would it perhaps fit henry? i'm sure that even wooly monsters get cold in the winter... (stick it on his head and take a photo to amuse us anyways?)

  2. Well, look at the bright side, you now have a citrus cozy. What, you didn't need one?

  3. Where might one procure the aforementioned Cashmerion on sale, should one not be as restrictive on her yarn diet? I have babies to knit for as well.

  4. Um, such guilt over little itty bitty purchases so immediately put to good use! Come over here little girl, have I got a closet full of confessions to show you.

    I love that placket pullover pattern and have made it a bunch of times.

  5. well... as long as there was nothing suitable to make those items in the stash, I suppose we'll forgive you :). hehe... it's *hard* to not buy yarn.

  6. Steph, the sweater is incredibly beautiful. I had it on Miss E yesterday, and it fits perfectly. And it didn't turn her cheeks red or anything. :P Again, thank you for one of the nicest baby gifts I've ever seen...I will have to get you over here sometime very soon to see the cuteness that is the sweater + baby combo.

  7. Re: the Yarn Harlot signing ... I also have several shots of the back of your head - I was sitting directly behind you, 3 rows back, so every shot I have of the Harlot speaking has little bits of "Happy" in it!