Sunday, February 24, 2008

Eau de Printemps

On Friday night we got about 10-15 cm of snow - gorgeous, sparkly snow that covers the sadness of our winter yard - dead lawn and sad, leafless trees. Mr. Happy and I had been out to see a movie and were surprised by the amount that came down when we were in the theatre. It was perfectly lovely and wintery, even though we've all grown quite tired of shovelling. Perhaps it was the stroll through it with my hubby that made the snow so pretty.

Yesterday turned grey and cold in the afternoon - making me cranky and listless. I hunkered down in front of the TV with my knitting needles, anxiously awaiting Mr. Happy's return from work. I cursed the winter and the snow that had seemed so pretty the night before.

Today, however, the sun was shining brightly and Mr. Happy and I were inspired to go for a walk. As we set out, we both wondered aloud why we hadn't brought sunglasses with us... and that's when I felt it. Well, less felt and more smelled, really. "It?" you ask, "What is this it?"

It was SPRING. I swear to you, on my yarn, that I smelled it today. It was the smell of snow melting on pavement. It was the smell of soil, exposed to the sun. IT SMELLED LIKE SPRING TO ME! 

I know, I know, there are naysayers who would suggest that Spring is much too far off for me to have caught it's scent. They would say that I have gone off my rocker, that I should listen to the groundhogs of this world... but I tell you, it was there.

Mr. Happy and I broke up our walk by spending some time at our local Starschmucks, draining coffee cups (us), reading magazines (him), and knitting (me). Around 5pm we set out for home and when we did, the Springy scent was gone, suppressed by the early evening chill.

But Spring was there this afternoon and its scent was strong enough to give me the push I need to get through the rest of the winter.

That faint scent of Spring and these glorious socks... that will keep me going:

Stripey Socks

Yarn: Vesper
Colour: Aquamelon
New Technique: magic cast on - kind of like a figure 8 cast on.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I smelled it too at the beginning of the week. I'm in the Hudson Valley so Spring gets here a little sooner but I did smell it. I've even seen a robin. So, groundhogs be damned, Spring is on her way.

  2. Anonymous9:13 a.m.

    I was running around the commons not too long ago, and there was a sure sign of spring - the overwhelming stench of dogsh*t as the snow melted.

  3. I love that smell and am waiting for it with a yearning that cannot be described! Great socks, I love Julia's yarn.

  4. You can totally feel spring starting to fight back against the winter. It's in the air. I caught a whiff of it the other day too and it made me positively giddy.

  5. knitjo4:39 p.m.

    No smell of spring in Upper Canada! It hasn't stopped snowing since Feb 1...Snow, we've had ENOUGH of it. Longest shortest month of the year, I've ever lived through!
    I want spring. My DH promised we would have spring in April and tulips springing up...That's how he got me to move here. (No mention of the COLD and SNOW accumulations!)

  6. Gor-ge -ous Sockie!

  7. Anonymous4:01 p.m.

    Stephie...your story reminded me of one of my own...

    Last Friday as I was exiting the office building a rather nice looking EHS worker (aka cute ambulance driver) walked out behind me. In a "not at all like myself" moment of bravery I decided to make cute chit chat by commenting on the lovely day.

    However, instead of saying the intended "wow, it sure feels like spring!" I turned to him and uttered in a stalkeresque kind of way "Hey, it sure smells like spring." Rather suprised by my blunder I felt the need to cover my tracks by adding "Yup, before too long there will be lots of mud."

    I'm not sure but I think he might have also heard the voice in my head screaming at me to "just shut up...for the love of God, just shut up. This is precisely why you have spent your entire live avoiding cute boys."

    And this is precisely why I have spent my entire life avoiding cute boys. Do you smell that?