Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Older, but not Wiser

A summarized transcript of a phone call I made from the bus this morning:

Tammy (my coworker): Hello?

Me (whispering into my phone so my fellow commuters wouldn't hear): Hey Tam, it's Steph.

Tammy: Hi!

Me: Are you busy?

Tammy: No, oh, but it's your birthday! Happy birthday!

Me: Thanks. Hey, I was wondering if you could do me a favour.

Tammy: Sure, what do you need?

Me (sheepishly): Um, well, see, I got on the wrong bus this morning and I was hoping that you wouldn't mind coming to get me.

Tammy: OH NO! Where are you?

Me: Dartmouth Crossing. I saw the 6 on the bus and thought it was the 66... but it was the 56...
I'm such a moron.

Tammy: No you're not. But it's not a good way to start your birthday.

Me: Can you pick me up on Commodore?

Tammy: Sure.

Me: Thanks Tam.

Note: I am not THAT blind, but when the bus rounded the corner this morning at the Mic Mac terminal, I squinted, saw what I thought was the 66, then turned my back to the bus in order to walk to where it would eventually pull up. It wasn't until I got on and noticed that one of the other people I usually see on my bus wasn't getting on that I started to wonder. But she was wearing jeans, so I thought she had the day off and was going somewhere else.

Luckily, Dartmouth Crossing is about 1km from my office.

Apparently 34 is not going to be my banner year.


  1. Hey Steph,
    Happy B-day! I remember 34, it will be a banner year for you. Don't let a little thing like taking the wrong bus, tip you off.
    Have fun and stay happy!
    P.S.Ravelry alerted me it was your birthday...that is sooo cool!

  2. Nonsense, silly woman. You're just getting the dumbass stuff out of the way early for the rest of 34 to be awesome. Also, I've got a few years on you and made the same mistake last week.

    Happy birthday, in case you didn't already get my oh-so-personal facebook birthday wish. I'd call but it costs money, y'all.

  3. Happy birthday!!

  4. happy birthday! at least you were close... hope that henry got you something GOOD.

  5. Hey, Happy Birthday! Would this make you a fellow crafty Aquarian?!

  6. Happy Birthday Steph! I hope your day has been getting better since this morning.

  7. Happy Birthday! :)

    I took the wrong bus once in Ottawa--the entire route. 2 hours. At least it was spring. It's good to have friends to come and fetch you. :)

  8. That was one of my biggest fears as a kid, getting on the wrong bus after school and ending up in the wrong part of Geary.
    Hope your Birthday went well despite the storm.

  9. A belated Happy Birthday!
    Best wishes for joy and happiness.

    I've never taken the wrong bus that I recall; I have however fallen asleep and ended a few km past my stop. I couldn’t even get off and pretend to transfer to another bus, as there is only one bus that comes out my way so I had to stay on the bus until the driver began the route back.

  10. Nah, clearly...your inner child was telling you to go and buy yourself a kick ass birthday present. Start listening to that voice, Steph. :P

    Had nothing to do with dumassedness.

  11. Oh, great. I start a new job tomorrow and have to take the bus and now I'm going to be triple paranoid.

    Happy B-day, by the way. It's all uphill (oh please , let it be) from here!