Sunday, March 09, 2008

Loaf of Bread, This Is YOUR LIFE!

A good way to spend Sunday afternoon...

bread 1

bread 2

bread 3

bread 4

bread 5

bread 6

bread 7

bread 8

bread 9

bread 10

bread 11

Country Seed Bread - Complete Canadian Living Cookbook.


  1. I remember that Sesame Street skit!! Heehee!!

  2. Your bread looks better than my bread. I'm not so big on the kneading, I think!

  3. Whoo boy does that ever look good.

  4. mmmm home made bread! That would have been perfect yesterday. My mom used to make bread all winter when I was a kid. Now the smell of cooking bread just makes me feel homey and relaxed.

    Love the pictures!

  5. I'm craving toast.

  6. Beautiful looking bread.
    I love making bread my favourite oatmeal bread involves the use of a kitchenaid mixer (or other strong mixer) this eliminates 98% of the kneading.
    The recipe can be found at the end of this post.

  7. "Loaf of Bread this is Your LIFE" That's awsome!! I forgot all about that! Ah the good ol' days of Children's Television...

    That bread does look - oh so yummy. I bet it'd be good toasted with your strawberry freezer jam. mmmmm... can I come over?