Sunday, March 09, 2008

Renovators and Resources

The Great Renovation project continues apace Chez Happy.  

The source of the cold air in this room has finally been discovered.  On Wednesday night we had a storm with a lot of wind.  I could hear the newly installed vapour barrier in the room blowing around, so I went in to check the situation. 

"studio" reno

The plastic that you see in this photo was blowing around like a kite in the wind... but it was the bit of plastic sticking over the sheet rock on the right that was causing the greatest concern. With every gust of wind, the plastic was making a noise that sounded like it was blowing raspberries at me.

As you can see in this photo:

Alack and Alas

we have what looks to be a lovely wooden ceiling in this room. In actual fact, this is the same ceiling that extends across the length of the entire front porch. Anyone else seeing the problem in this?

When the foundation of this room (an addition built in the 1940s or 1950s) settled, so did the wall. There seems to be a gap between the wall and this ceiling.  Mr. Happy and Troy have determined the best course of action for fixing the gap and have decided to insulate and cover up the lovely ceiling.

Good-bye pretty wood. Hello warm room!

In other news, Mr. Happy and I had yesterday off together - the ENTIRE DAY.  Wow.  

We spent the morning staring out at the rain, trying to make it disappear through the sheer force of our will.  It eventually did peter off, so we headed out to run some "errands".

After grabbing a Mocha we popped in to one of our favourite "home supply" stores in Halifax: Renovator's Resource.  I may have blogged about this before, but just in case: Renovator's Resource is stocked with reclaimed doors, windows, wood, sinks, tubs, toilets, fixtures and all sorts of interesting tidbits.  

Renovator's Resource

They also make tables and cabinets out of the reclaimed wood. I would love to have one of their bookcases.

Almost every time we go there, I find something that I've seen somewhere else... this time, it was the same light fixture that was in my bedroom when I was a kid:

Renovator's Resourse

And I almost always see something that catches my eye. This time it was these (plaster?) decorative pieces. Probably from a local hotel or one of the grand old houses in Halifax:

Renovator's Resource

After leaving RR, we headed to every Canadian's favourite place to visit on a Saturday, where we wandered the aisles for a bit and then, eventually, picked out paint colours for the "studio".

I think that the current winner is "Exotic Grass" and "Vintage White" from Debbie Travis. Exotic Grass can be found under the "dramatic" group of colours, on the second page.

The plan is to paint one or two walls in the green and the rest in the white. I have a small desk for the room, which I'm going to paint or stain a dark colour (chocolate brown, I think). I'm also planning to find a place for turquoise in the room. We'll see what happens.

In the meantime, I've got bread rising in the oven, so I should get going.  

I hope you're all well. For those of you who were buried by snow this weekend: please remember to stretch before you shovel. 


  1. Your room is going to be sooooo nice.

  2. Ooh the green is lovely! And I approve of anything turquoise!

  3. I can't wait to see the finished product! It's going to look so nice!

  4. That shade of green will suit your studio perfectly, I think. I noticed there is also a green called tantrum. Probably not a popular toddler's room choice.

  5. Love the green! quite calming!