Saturday, June 14, 2008

Henry's Big Interview

Buzz about Henry's appearance at WWKIP Halifax reached a fevered pitch yesterday, when Henry was interviewed by Nina Corfu - a local CBC reporter. 

Henry, being interviewed by the CBC

The two strolled through Alderney Landing, discussing how knitting has impacted the lives of so many Haligonians. Henry was on his game, answering questions with wit and charm, posing theories that seemed to impress Nina, asking questions of his own... and flirting shamelessly.

The interview became a bit steamy, and that's why, I'm sure, it didn't make the afternoon show yesterday.

Henry invited Nina to WWKIP, but I'm not sure if she'll come. If she does, she'll have to leave her fiance, one D. Myles, at home.

We'll see you all later today at WWKIP! Henry is ready to roll - he's bathed, he's primped and he's ready for LOVE!


  1. Anonymous11:53 a.m.

    Sigh. That Henry.....

  2. Henry is a randy little thing, innit'ee?!

  3. Interviewing Henry = best thing ever.