Wednesday, June 18, 2008

BAT - KAT - Catching up

So, going on vacation really screwed up the old BAT/KAT posts. (ie: those posts where I report in how many trips I have used alternate, earthy friendly transportation to get around)

Here is the summary of the last month:

May 19th to 25th:
I biked to work only 2 days. I have some excuses:  The 19th was a holiday... and I had to attend a convocation brunch downtown (I took the ferry!).  But I ruined it all by having to fly to Vancouver. If only I could have cycled across the country. 
  • Total BAT/KAT trips:  2
  • Total kms on bicycle:  14km

May 26th to June 1st:
While in Vancouver, Angie and I walked almost every day.
  • Total BAT/KAT trips: 6 (or more)
  • Total kms walked:  about 15km

June 2nd to 8th:
Back at home, I spent the first day recuperating and then went back to work.
  • Total BAT/KAT trips: 5
  • Total kms on bicycle: 28km
  • Total kms walked:  3km

June 9th to 15th:
Last week I was back into the swing of things at the office. I met friends in Halifax on Friday morning and worked that night and on Sunday at the pharmacy. Then there was WWKIP AND a night at the local watering hole with friends (I walked down with the cutest sailor ever). When Sunday night rolled around I was quite happy to hit the hay... but I'm also happy to report:
  • Total BAT/KAT trips: 10
  • Total kms on bicycle: 38km
  • Total kms walked: at least 4km

Soooooo... the total number of kilometres on the old bicycle for this season is raised to:  213km!


  1. will you come over and play sewing with me? I am bored.