Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oh Hai

Have you been waiting long?

Ok, ok, I admit, I've been slack around here lately.  There is almost as dust on this blog as there was behind the dresser in my bedroom - but that's a story for another day. 

It's been a busy few weeks, and to be quite honest, it wasn't until I realized that this was the last weekend in June that I realized, "OMG, THIS IS THE LAST WEEKEND IN JUNE!"

Time flies, people, it really does.

Last weekend my dad's eldest sister, Auntie Ruth, was in town. My dad has three younger sisters. Here she is with her friend, Sandra, and the lovable flirt, Henry:

Auntie Ruth and her friend, Sandra

(Auntie Ruth on the left, Sandra on the right.  You all know Henry.)

I think we were heading to the market in this photo. We had a great visit - going out for Thai food, having chocolate croissants in the market, sharing shoes, buying yarn... It had been much too long.

I really wish that Ruth lived closer.  She's just so much fun.  Bonus: she has great taste in shoes and her feet are about my size.

The problem is, Auntie Ruth lives in St. Kitts. That's a long way from Nova Scotia. Take a moment. Check it on a map. Yup, that's right, in the Caribbean. Picture sun, sand, etc. Imagine how serene you would feel with all that vitamin D in your body. Imagine fresh fruit growing in your yard. Imagine the cabana boys... er, nevermind.

There is one great tragedy of my aunt's otherwise enviable living situation:

There are no yarn store on St. Kitts. Not one. Nary a knitted needle to be had.

I'll give you a moment to feel sorry for my perpetually sun-kissed aunt... the one who has passionfruit growing in her yard.

No yarn stores. And, worse yet, no book stores. I mean, really people. WTF? Other than the sun, sand and wonderful fruit, why on earth would you want to live there? (Don't answer that, Auntie Ruth. You'll just make us all sad about our cold winters and short summers.)

One thing she does have? A niece who will ship needles and yarn.

After all, there's only so much a lady can pack in her suitcase and not be accused of smuggling the entire country of Canada into the Caribbean.

Have no fear, Auntie Ruth! The yarn will be ordered and shipped!

Now I would like to redeem myself as a knitter and a knit blogger by posting a photo of a FO. 

I managed to finish these socks while my auntie was visiting:

Just another charade

Charade by Sandra Park
Yarn: STR - Christmas Rock
Needles: 2.5mm
Stitches: I dunno - check my Ravelry page.

This is my second pair of Charade socks. Those of you who have looked at this pattern on Ravelry will notice that this photo looks very similar to one of the photos posted there. That's 'cause those are my feet on Ravelry! Tee hee. Of course I had to take a similar picture again this time... but I'm sorry you can see that my front steps need to be painted more than they did last year. Ugh.

The same weekend I took those photos, I came home after working at the pharmacy to find this in my kitchen:

Dinner, looking pissed off

Dinner, looking angry.

I have the best husband in the whole wide world. It may have been cruelty to crustaceans in my kitchen last weekend, but it was tasty cruelty... with butter.


  1. Poor Aunt Ruth! All that sunshine is a poor poor substitute for no yarn!

  2. St kitts would be ok. Minou would like it. I bet they have afternoon naps there too. Hmmmm.....

  3. I could trade wet and wintry for sun and sand any day.

    Provided I could have some sort of supply line for my yarn, of course.

    Oooooh. Lobster. Drool.

  4. Yarn I think I could live with out... books NEVER!
    Your front steps look like mine, love the photo styling.

  5. No book stores? Strange... I guess I just assumed that reading is an international past time, but I guess I was wrong.

  6. Mmmm... chocolate croissants at the market... That's why I made sure I'm spending a Saturday in Halifax when I'm down east next month - because I miss the market quite a bit :(

  7. Angry dinner and strawberry jam? Mmmmmm....

  8. Tee hee.

    I love cruelty with butter. The fat helps to wash away any residual guilt. And as for living in St. Kitts - I plan to retire to the Carribean someday. And I'm bringing a sheep with me.

  9. I'm sure sun and sand are great fun, but I would rather have yarn shops and book stores than the beach.

    And those charades look absolutely lovely.

  10. Anonymous8:59 a.m.

    The shipping from knitpicks and amazon can't be cheap to St Kitts. Poor auntie.

    Mmmm, lobster. Funny that we eat them, though. Giant insects of the sea.

    I might be shamed into posting on my blog one of these days.